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The Development of Air Compressors in China

China’s air compressor has gone through two stages of starting and growing, and has now entered a stage of stable development. With the rapid development of the air compressor industry, the concentration of the air compressor market has gradually increased, and a number of leading companies have gradually formed. These companies continue to improve their competitiveness through industry integration.

Although China’s compressor industry is developing rapidly, there are still some problems in the industry. At present, in China’s air compressor market, foreign-funded enterprises still occupy most of the market share. Due to China’s weak technical force, foreign companies have a certain advantage in the mid-to-high-end product market; moreover, companies are small in scale, dispersed, and low industrial concentration; lack of high-end technology, low-level production capacity is too large; product homogeneity is serious.

In recent years, global energy shortages have led to rising prices of energy and raw materials, and rising costs have put pressure on the operation of manufacturing companies, resulting in shrinking profit margins and shrinking market demand for air compressors.

China’s Air Compressor Technology Development Trend

In recent years, with the rapid advancement of electronic technology, the application field of air compressor technology has been rapidly expanded, and it has been widely used in various automated production lines.

The development of pneumatic manipulators and flexible automatic technology, the combination of air compressor technology, microelectronics technology, and modern control theory, makes the air compressor technology from the switch control system into the “closed loop-proportional-servo” control system, so that the control accuracy can be obtained. Improved quality. Nowadays, air compressor technology has become one of the main technologies to realize industrial transmission and control.

Modern air compressor technology is developing in the direction of miniaturization, light weight, and electromechanical integration. The development and application of various low-power, oil-free, and high-precision pneumatic components has made air compressor technology far behind. Far beyond the original application fields, it has also been widely used in high-end fields such as microelectronic chips, bioengineering, medicine and food, and military control.

The future development trend of China’s air compressor industry

Now that the government has paid more attention to the machinery industry, the air compressor industry is bound to form a scene of rapid development.

Despite the unsightly social development goals, the air compressor industry has a sophisticated development trend, and air compressors have become a traditional and new scale of entrepreneurship. Since the establishment of the factory, Hanzhong Precision Machinery has been committed to the development and development of air compressors, mobile air compressors, piston air compressors, screw air compressors, and explosion-proof air compressors. It has accumulated many years of production history and manufacturing. A new generation of new mobile air compressors, oil-free, silent, high-pressure energy-saving air compressors, etc.

China Air Compressors Services by Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC 

China Air Compressors Service
China Air Compressors Service

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