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Which brand of screw air compressor will you choose? Basically you should better consider these three sectors. Firstly, it depends on what aspect you use. Small projects choose low-power screw air compressors (generally 15 kw or less),while large projects choose high-power screw air compressors (above 15 kw). Secondly, it depends on the budget. Those with strong funds can choose imported screw air compressor brands, such as Atlas, Ingersoll Rand, and Sullair. If you choose a domestic machine, it is best to choose your local screw air compressor brand, which will be better for after-sales service. In fact, choose the screw air compressor brand, which combines its quality and high cost performance, as well as leading other brands of frequency conversion technology, annual sales market share and users feedback. And finally, when choosing a screw air compressor brand, its maintenance is very important. Knowing the daily maintenance and correct operation can extend the life of the air compressor. Regular brand air compressors will have a professional team to perform regular maintenance on your air compressors, so you should also know if there are such services when choosing

Nowadays, there are many screw air compressor brands in the market, comprehensive screw air compressor enterprise development scale, product quality, price, after-sales, etc. Well-known screw air compressor brands at home and abroad include: Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Denair, CompAir, Bolaite, Quanwei, Fusheng, Hitachi, Kobelco, Lingheign and other air compressor brands.

Which brand of screw air compressor is better? In fact, it is not difficult to choose an air compressor brand. Find an air compressor seller and the seller will match it to you according to your situation. The following introduces the top 10 China air compressors (most are International top standard air compressors assembled in China).

Top 10 Screw Air Compressors in China

1. Atlas Copco (AC for short)

Multinational group, headquartered in Sweden, air compressor manufacturer is just a subordinate group. Due to many years of continuous acquisitions, AC can produce almost all kinds of air compressors, which is quite famous. The largest strength, the widest range of products, the first screw machine manufacturer. No one can compare oil-free machines and centrifuges, with a large market share. There are many factories around the world, and a factory in Wuxi, China. The biggest advantage lies in popularity and flexible prices for important projects; the disadvantage lies in poor service quality, high service costs, and not much attention to small projects.

2. LiuTech Air Compressor

Liuzhou Fuda Air Compressor, as the world’s largest compressor supplier Atlas Copco Group’s wholly-owned company in China, is a professional manufacturer of screw air compressors, oil-free centrifugal compressors and their post-processing equipment The manufacturer has been committed to providing users with the best solutions for compressed air systems. Liuzhou Fidelity was established in 1994. According to the global development plan of the group headquarters, it invested in the construction of a production base to provide group products for the Asian region in Liuzhou, China, and specializes in manufacturing and selling LIUTECH brand products for the Greater China region.

3. Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor (referred to as IR)

The earliest joint venture company to produce screw compressors in China was established in Shanghai in 1987. It started as a construction machinery and refrigerator, and its market share is second only to Atlas. IR’s most profitable product in China is a centrifugal air compressor. Another profitable product is a mobile air compressor, which is widely used in China. In China, it mainly sells through branch offices, and has branch offices in major cities across the country, such as Beijing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Wuhan, Three Gorges, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc., and sales through distribution agents in other regions. The advantage is still its popularity, but the disadvantage is that there are two sales systems, which are difficult to unify.

4. American Sullair air compressor (Sullair)

A subsidiary company of a large American aerospace (military industry) company, the machine is certainly good. The main products are oil screw type and mobile type. The mobile type has been mainly localized in recent years, which will increase its market share. Sullair mainly sells through its agents. Recently, the number of its agents has increased greatly, and it has achieved considerable performance in the textile, automobile and other industries. The main advantage is that it already has factories in China, and its high-horsepower products are cheaper. The product runs reliably and has a long life.

5. Kaeser Air Compressor

Kaeser is Germany’s largest air compressor manufacturer, with strong production capacity, enjoys a high reputation in Europe. There are no factories in the country. It has established a branch in Shanghai, China, and has an agent in Shenzhen, but has not yet established a national sales network. The advantage is that it is very famous in Europe and its price is competitive. The disadvantage is that it does not produce oil-free type, the network is not sound, and the sense of innovation is not strong.

6. CompAir/Demag Air Compressor (Compair for short)

The British company is mainly famous in the industry for producing sliding vane air compressors (≤50HP). In recent years, Compair has successively acquired the screw air compressor department of Demag in Germany and Leroi Air Compressor in the United States to become a global air compressor company. A factory was established in Shanghai in 1993, but its national sales network in China has not yet been established, so it has not had a great influence. The advantages are: the sliding vane machine is cheap, and the screw machine has a price advantage; the product variety is complete; there are factories in China. The disadvantages are: the product quality is average; the marketing network is not sound; the popularity is not enough.

7. Taiwan Quanwei Air Compressor (ChiWai for short)

Since 1986, it has been committed to the compressed air technology industry, specializing in manufacturing and selling the highest quality air compressors and vacuum pumps. Products are widely used in global manufacturing, medical and climate control systems, and any industry that requires the use of safe and reliable gas sources. In order to further develop new energy products, the low-pressure twin-screw and two-stage compression of Taiwan Quanwei Company make energy saving a step further, and the machinery has higher reliability and durability.

8. Kobelco Air Compressor

It started at the beginning of the last century and has a long history of nearly a hundred years. In 1915, Japan’s first high-pressure reciprocating compressor was produced, and in 1956, Japan’s first oil-free screw air compressor was successfully introduced to the market. In 1966, it began to get involved in the production of centrifugal compressors, and since then it has become one of the few comprehensive compressor manufacturers in the world that can independently produce piston, screw, and centrifugal process compressors and air compressors.

9. Fusheng Air Compressor

The joint venture has three factories in China: Zhongshan, Shanghai, and Beijing. It is already a well-known air compressor manufacturer in China. Opened the Chinese market through its high-quality small piston machine, with distributors all over the country, but its screw machine is still a representative of low-end machines. The biggest advantage is that it is cheap and well-known. The disadvantage is that the quality is poor, and the high-horsepower machine has a high failure rate.

10. Bolaite Air Compressor

Bright air compressor is manufactured by Bright (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd. Bright (Shanghai) Compressor Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group of Sweden. It was founded in 1999 and is a domestic air compressor. One of the leaders of the compressor brand, the products are sold nationwide and Southeast Asia, and have entered a large number of application fields. The power of the Bollight screw air compressor is as low as 5.5kW and the maximum is 355kW. At the same time, it also has matching compressed air post-processing equipment.

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