How is Atlas Copco’s Mobile (Portable) Air Compressor?

mobile compressor Atlas Copco

As a global leader in the air compressor industry, Atlas Copco has developed a series of mobile air compressors with excellent performance in different fields. Here with Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co., CPMC company, as one growing large online distributor, working closely with the giant brands of different air compressors, you can expect more favorable prices for different portable/mobile air compressors.

Mobile Air Compressors Need to withstand harsh on-site working conditions.

As a global leader in the air compressor industry, Atlas Copco has developed a series of excellent air compressors used in different fields. The medium-high wind pressure series of medium-sized air compressors are designed by Atlas Copco based on the actual needs of customers. The whole series is equipped with the screw rotor developed by Atlas Copco, which has excellent performance, long working life, high reliability and low maintenance cost. Powered by Caterpillar/Cummins China III emission engine, its advanced electronic control technology can effectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions. At the same time, the pressure and air volume ratio of this series is reasonable, which can effectively improve work efficiency. The design of the whole machine conforms to ergonomics, the operation is very convenient, and it can meet the test of various harsh working conditions.

Atlas Copco pictures Portable compressor

Atlas Copco Mobile Air Compressor

What are the advantages of Atlas Copco mobile air compressors?

1. Intelligent Control System

The unique intelligent controller is easy to operate, and the parameters of the machine are clear at a glance. The protection level of the control panel is as high as IP65, which can protect against dust and liquids in all directions, which greatly improves the reliability.

2. Reliable Air Filter Design

The engine and the screw main engine are equipped with independent two-stage air filter systems to ensure that the loss of unit components is minimized under harsh field construction conditions.

3. High Efficiency Screw Rotor

The industry’s leading Atlas Copco screw rotor meets your needs for stable and high-efficiency compression with the best compression ratio and minimal internal leakage.

4. The multiple oil filter design is equipped with a heavy-duty fuel filter with a water separator and a double fuel fine filter, which can effectively reduce the damage of low-quality oil to the engine, further improve the performance of the engine, and extend the service life.

5. Ultra-low air oil content. The gas storage tank is in line with local pressure vessel regulations. It is equipped with a high-efficiency oil and gas separator core to ensure the minimum oil content of the outlet air. Among similar products, the amount of screw lubricating oil replaced each time is the smallest, which reduces the customer’s use cost.

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