Ingersoll Rand Released New Members of the lithium battery tools: 1-inch lithium battery impact wrenches

Ingersoll Rand IQV series 1 inch impact wrench and dual battery charger

Shanghai, July 27, 2021- Recently, Ingersoll Rand Power Tools Division officially released new members of the lithium battery tool family worldwide: 1-inch lithium battery impact wrenches W9691 and W9491.

The 1-inch lithium battery series not only has the super power and reliable quality that Ingersoll Rand air wrenches have always been proud of, but also provides more powerful portability and flexibility on this basis. Relying on the Ingersoll Rand IQV20 lithium battery platform as the power source, the 1-inch lithium battery series can be quickly set up, and there is no need to worry about tripping over the trachea, bringing users an efficient and safe working experience. In order to help users achieve power upgrades in the most economical way, the 1-inch lithium battery series uses two 20V batteries as the power source, with the simultaneous release of the dual battery charger BC1221, which can charge two batteries at a time, which is more efficient.

Ingersoll Rand’s New 1-inch Lithium Battery Impact Wrench Advantages 


A real 1-inch wrench can rival pneumatic tools. The maximum bolt removal torque (Nut Busting Torque) of W9691 is as high as 4000Nm, so it is easy to remove rusted/sprayed bolts. The forward tightening torque can reach 2980Nm, which is the best among similar products.

Flexible control gear

The 3-speed forward torque/speed adjustment provides flexible control for work, and there is no need to worry about the harm caused by over-tightening.


Every part, mechanism and function of the 1-inch lithium battery wrench has undergone severe tests to ensure that the performance of the tool can adapt to the harsh environment. Upgrade the protection level to IP56 to ensure that the tool is not corroded by rain, wind, and sand.

Ingersoll Rand IQV series 1 inch impact wrench and dual battery charger – Grand Application Scenario

Wireless lithium battery

Based on the existing IQV lithium battery platform, it is suitable for key applications that have high requirements for mobility and at the same time require the torque equivalent of a large pneumatic wrench. Ingersoll Rand’s excellent new tools can be adapted to a variety of markets and industry applications. The 1-inch lithium battery wrench has two configurations of standard length output shaft and inch extension shaft. Once launched, it has been obtained from trucks and buses, engineering equipment, and railway maintenance. And positive feedback from customers in various fields such as oil and gas equipment maintenance.

Diverse application scenarios

  • “Torque is on the one hand (advantage), but the biggest advantage of this product is that it reduces the safety hazards caused by the air pipe.” Road vehicle repair personnel, from GM US Repair Center.
  • “The power is as sufficient as a wind cannon, and the battery life of the two batteries is also very long.” Pipeline maintenance staff, from China’s oil and gas industry.
  • “It’s really worry-free not to drag the air pipe around. In addition, I don’t need to wait for the pressure of the air compressor to stabilize between the bolts and the bolts. Basically, all the bolts can be tightened continuously.”

Ingersoll Rand Power Tools Product Manager will also conduct an online live broadcast with Fogo Industrial Media on August 5, 2021, focusing on introducing these two new 1-inch lithium battery impact wrenches. You can follow “Ingersoll Rand China” WeChat public to learn more about the live broadcast and register. Learn more about Ingersoll Rand Air Compressors China.

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