Ingersoll Rand Quick Response in front of the Zhengzhou Henan Flooding Catastrophe

Ingersoll Rand News Update

At present, continuous heavy rainfall floods Henan, causing serious waterlogging disasters in cities such as Zhengzhou, and the flood control situation is very severe. The sudden and major danger has caused a major threat to the safety of people’s lives and property. Ingersoll Rand immediately contacted compressor users in Zhengzhou and other flood-affected areas in Henan. The service engineers responded quickly and cooperated with the company in equipment emergency repairs.

Important Notice

If the air compressor station is flooded, flooded or faced with the threat of flooding, remember the following tips:

Shut down and cut off the power supply: Unless the insulation safety is confirmed, do not restore the power supply to prevent personal injury and avoid secondary damage to the equipment.

Except for obvious flooding effects, please check the outdoor air intake filter and air intake pipe to ensure that rainwater will not penetrate into the main engine through the air intake pipe.

Responding to the disaster situation

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand has initiated the following emergency operations

1. The service engineer based in Henan is ready to communicate with related companies about the damage situation and remind them of precautions.

2. Under the condition of ensuring safety, rush to the customer’s air compressor station in need to conduct on-site emergency assessment. When the site conditions permit, carry out on-site disassembly and inspection of the compressors affected by the flood, check the internal damage, and provide further maintenance plans.

3. The Technical Support Department provides expert-level support at any time.

At the same time, according to different disaster situations, Ingersoll Rand provides the following disaster relief services.

Ingersoll Rand China.jpeg

1 Compressor immersion
Provide the whole machine back to the factory for maintenance and testing
Main engine overhaul
Main motor overhaul
Clean the inside of the unit
Routine maintenance of the unit
Electric control board
Clean up other accessories

2 Compressor water ingress is serious
Provide on-site technical evaluation services, evaluate the replacement of large parts and the replacement of consumables
Main engine overhaul
Main motor overhaul
Routine maintenance of the machine department
Electric control board

3 Compressor water is not serious
Provide replacement of consumable parts, including three filters, oil, foam, etc., and check electrical components
Ingersoll Rand provides exclusive services and solutions for the overhaul of the whole machine and the spare parts that need repair due to the damage of the disaster. For more details, please contact the local sales and service personnel.

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