Jaguar Permanent Magnet Screw Compressors Jinan Sales Meeting Ended Successfully

Jaguar Permanent Magnet Screw Air Compressors Meeting

Jaguar Chairman Han Dong joined the Jaguar sales team and technical team to help each terminal store enhance its market competitiveness, equip terminal dealers with profound knowledge and skills support, and achieve a win-win pattern of mutual benefit and common development among manufacturers.

This year’s epidemic situation, the annual sales meeting cannot be held. The Jaguar permanent magnet screw machine made a decisive decision and changed with the trend. For the first time, the sales meeting was held in the form of sub-regions. The focus of the second half of the year was laid out to empower offline channels. The front-line personnel in the permanent magnet screw machine market gather energy and increase confidence.

Jaguar Permanent Magnet Screw Machine Han Dong said in his speech that the northern region is vast and rich in resources, and compared to the southern market, it has to work harder to run. Every single journey is calculated according to 100 kilometers, rain or shine, and it is precisely because of your hard work that Jaguar has achieved its current results. Now the company is in the stage of reform and progress, not only introducing more advanced equipment, high-end talents, adjusting and optimizing production management, but also making a radical change from the ideological level. The sea of ​​learning is boundless, and people will retreat if they don’t advance. While the company is making progress, I hope everyone here can make progress together, change the inherent thinking, and accept the new thinking.

Jinan China Jaguar Air Compressors Meeting

Dong Han and his family at Jaguar discussed the prospects of the sales market and sales methods. At present, the entire market is developing in a healthy manner. After the epidemic, the weather will be clear after the rain. The market competition is becoming more and more fierce. The company will recruit professionals, strengthen the team, and tap more channels. On the basis of the company’s current existing platform, continue to strengthen the refined marketing of other platforms.

Jinan China Jaguar Air Compressors Sales Meeting

“2020 is undoubtedly a lucky year for the air compressor industry. Jaguar permanent magnet screw compressors use various platforms at the same time to continuously improve brand awareness and help everyone present to increase sales. The re-planned development strategy has also accelerated the formation of the Jaguar industrial ecosystem, comprehensively enhanced its competitiveness, and assisted all walks of life with high-quality products and services.”

Subsequently, Mr. Han from the Harbin Service Center of Jaguar Permanent Magnet Screw Compressor made a speech: The upgrading of consumer demand has led to a greater demand for cost-effective air compressors. Jaguar’s permanent magnet screw machines are well-known and cover 4kw-450kw to meet the needs of various industries. These have just become important factors that impress consumers. In order to better fulfill the annual sales target, the company not only made a series of upgrades and transformations in services, but also added an innovative platform in terms of business marketing.

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