Another Major Project Machine in the Optoelectronics Industry is About to be Delivered by PNEUMATECH

Pneumatech New Product to be delivered on time

That’s awesome! Another major project machine in the optoelectronics industry is about to be delivered by Newmantech. Take you to the site to take a look!


Pneumatech, the first order of the PBZ large project was shipped on time.
On July 23, another major project in the optoelectronics industry of Newmantech was about to be delivered. General Manager Ge Jiguo of Pneumatech, General Manager of the factory Peter Coppieters and other relevant leaders attended the celebration ceremony.

Pneumatech China Company Celebration for New Product

In this batch, Pneumatech delivered a total of 4 blast zero gas consumption adsorption dryers. PBZ15500 (430Nm³/min), and a total of 12 units in subsequent batches will be delivered in succession.

The dryer tank can be shipped after heat preservation.
Pneumatech Pure Gas and Pure Air: You get the guarantee of high-quality compressed air and gas.

Pneumatech Factory China Local Distributor for Better offer

Pneumatech was established in 1966 in “Kenosha, Wisconsin” in the United States, dedicated to the production of compressed air drying and purification equipment.

Pneumatech Factory Picture China

Pneumatech joined the Swedish Atlas Copco Group in 2005 and became the only company in the group that focuses on gas drying and purification equipment. The main products include refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, pipeline filters, nitrogen generators, oil/gas-water separators and related auxiliary equipment.

Pneumatech has strong technical strength, complete manufacturing management system and extensive industry application experience, close cooperation with customers and business partners, continuous innovation, and has become a professional supplier of compressed gas purification solutions in the world.

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