Sullair TS Series Air Compressors Help the New Energy Automobile Industry

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With the increasing trend of sustainable development and the introduction of the “carbon neutral” goal, the market for new energy vehicles has become broader. From the current point of view, my country’s new energy vehicle market has begun to take shape and has certain industrial advantages. Whether from the perspective of industry policies or sales data, my country has strong confidence in the development of the new energy automobile industry.

Although the prospects are broad, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has also encountered “growth troubles.” For example, the supply of power batteries is insufficient, and industry competition is intensified. Therefore, if new energy vehicle manufacturers want to lead the future, they must not only have certain technological advantages, but also firmly control the production side, improve production efficiency, and ensure the stability of product quality.

Having said that, how should the new energy vehicle production line be constructed to maximize efficiency and quality? In the cooperation between Sullair and BYD, the answer has already been given.

As a pioneer in the field of global new energy vehicles, BYD has long established a deep partnership with Sullair. Up to now, BYD has purchased more than 100 Sullair air compressors to supply gas for multiple production lines such as battery manufacturing, automobile assembly and painting.

Whether it is the precision production of batteries or the manufacture and assembly of automobile parts, compressed air is an indispensable source of power. In the battery production process, a stable and high-quality air supply system can ensure the orderly control of pneumatic transmission components or induction valves. In the automobile assembly stage, the air compressor is also used as the power source of pneumatic machinery, providing power for pneumatic machinery, pneumatic fixtures, pneumatic wrenches, etc.


Sullair Air Compressor China Local Distributor better offerIt should be known that the quality of compressed air is closely related to the operation of the entire production line. The air compressors based on the Sullair TS series “settled” into the BYD car production workshop, successfully dispelling many concerns in the production process.

Sullair TS series air compressors adopt high-efficiency motors and original American mainframes, with large displacement and low noise, which provide guarantee for the stable operation of automated production lines and create a safe and quiet production environment. At the same time, this series of air compressors has high energy efficiency, which can further support enterprises to move towards “carbon neutrality”. In addition, it also has ample working and maintenance space, which greatly facilitates the use and management of customers, and is widely praised for its excellent and reliable performance.

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