Top 5 of the Top 10 Sales Volume & Brand Value of China Domestic Air Compressors

Chinese Air Compressors Top Brands

Among China’s 360 industries, each industry has its leader and corresponding ranking of the top 10 brands, and the same is true for China’s air compressor industry. This not only facilitates the selection of air compressors for consumers, but also helps customers recognize the story and origin of each brand. Here Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC will lead you to review the wholesale and retail shipments of domestically produced air compressor factories in China in 2018 and the impression of electricians and purchasers on domestic brands to give you a detailed introduction.

Customers often ask us: What brand of China domestic air compressor is good? What are the famous brand air compressors in China? Why is the domestic 50HP37KW air compressor only sold for 11,000 CNY? Why the wholesale price of the air compressor is so low? Will the agents make all the money?  Here CPMC will answer it for you today.

Top 5 of the Top 10 Sales Volume & Brand Value of China Domestic Air Compressors in 2018

★Sales No.1: Hanli Air Compressor (nearly 160,000 units shipped in 2018)★

Guangdong Hanli Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company initiated by General Manager Zhu Xinmin and funded by more than 20 air compressor shareholders in Guangdong. Before the establishment of the company, Mr. Zhu sold air compressors in Longgang, Shenzhen for nearly 20 years. He is from a financial background and is well aware of the amazing profits of the air compressor industry. In order to benefit downstream customers who use air compressors, and to revitalize the national industry, more factories in China can use energy-saving screw-type air compressors. For compressors (piston machines were used more often before), he and more than 20 agents in the Guangdong air compressor industry jointly negotiated and established Guangdong Hanli Precision Machinery for the common goal and the common pursuit of life.

Chinese Air Compressors Top Brands

Since the establishment of Hanli Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., the long-term monopoly of air compressor prices by foreign brands and several domestic air compressor brands in Shanghai has been quickly broken. In the spirit of an air compressor ex-factory price of only 500 The shipment volume of the company is steadily increasing, and many machines were robbed as soon as they came out. Facing the huge market demand and the enthusiasm of the agents to stock up, Mr. Zhu and other shareholders have successively established Zhejiang Hanli Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. The company, Henan Hanli Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., and conduct in-depth research and development for permanent magnet frequency conversion, two-stage compression, oil-free air compressors, mobile air compressors, etc., to direct customers and agents to reflect on the air compressor The problems continue to improve, the quality of air compressors is continuously improved, the noise is also constantly reduced, the quality has been greatly improved, and the return to factory maintenance rate is much lower than other domestic brands. In recent years, the price of new concept models in the air compressor industry Significant reduction, this benefit is inseparable from the continuous increase of R&D investment by Hanli and the low-price strategy of benefiting customers.

Hanli Air Compressor Henan Xinxiang Factory

★Sales No.2: Hande Air Compressor (nearly 120,000 shipped in 2018)★

Top China Domestic Air CompressorsGuangdong Hande Air Compressor Company is a factory invested and built by more than a dozen shareholders from the original Jufeng, Hanli, etc., specializing in the production of Han air compressors, global air compressors, Martai air compressors, etc. The brand, permanent magnet frequency conversion and two-stage compression are very popular, the wholesale price is also cheap, and the quality is also very good. Hande Precision Machinery focuses on the wholesale and retail of the Guangdong air compressor market. At the same time, it develops national agent distributors to jointly create air compressor development plans.

The Global Air Compressor and the Martai Permanent Magnet Variable Frequency Air Compressor are two models born from our marketing department’s strategic planning adjustments in response to market changes in recent years. We not only produce our own Hande air compressors, but also We also help agents OEM their own air compressor brands. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we will help them solve a series of problems such as product appearance, packaging, transportation and logistics, so that the first air compressor delivered to the agent or customer The press will get their compliments. We are sincere air compressor people. Many of our shareholders have been air compressor agents for nearly 20 years. They deeply understand that the quality of air compressors is necessary for the existence and development of an air compressor factory. We have had Lessons from the past, we will better serve each of our customers.

★Sales No.3: Jufeng Air Compressor (nearly 100,000 units shipped in 2018)★

The purpose of the sales and service center of Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is to sell Jufeng JF series air compressors, ADF series air compressors, and ODF series air compressors, based in Guangzhou. For more than 20 years, we have corresponding agents and excellent partners in South China, Central China, East China, North China, and Western China. In order to continuously expand sales and after-sales services, we have developed distributors across the country. Strive to make each of our air compressors sold out, we have our service points and offices within 10 kilometers, and completely solve the customer’s air compressor maintenance troubles.

Top Chinese Domestic Air Compressors

Guangdong Jufeng Air Compressor Company continues to grow and develop under the wise leadership of President Cao. More and more agents and customers choose Jufeng. The quality of our products is continuously improved and perfected, and the number of customer complaints is also reduced. We overcome and solve the collected problems one by one. The customer is our God. We will invest more funds in researching and developing new products and purchasing new equipment, following the update of the international big-name air compressors, and striving to surpass Europe and the United States as soon as possible. Level of development. The permanent magnet variable frequency two-stage oil-free screw air compressor developed by us is already technically superior, and we will continue to catch up.

Guangdong Jufeng Compressor, Aodefeng Compressor, and Oudefeng Compressor are all products of conscience in the industry produced by our engineers. They have gained a good reputation and effect in the market. Our various models are complete, and some are even online celebrities. Our screw air compressors are ahead of other domestic brand air compressors in terms of quality and price. We will also keep the password of the air compressor to obtain rights for agents. In the electric mobile air compressor and diesel mobile air compressor In the research and development of air compressors, we have also achieved good results. With sufficient maintenance accessories and consumables, Guangdong Jufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is your first choice.

★Sales No.4: Consel Air Compressor (nearly 80,000 units shipped in 2018)★

Chinese Air Compressors Top 5 of the top 10
Chinese Air Compressors Local Brand Top 2018

Since its establishment in 1995 in Buji, Longgang, Shenzhen, Consel Air Compressor Co., Ltd. has been around for 25 years. It has accumulated more than 900 high-quality customer resources in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong, with more than 120 professional maintenance personnel and more than 60 units. For after-sales service vehicles, more than 30 branches and offices have also been established in major industrial cities across the country, so that customers’ air compressors can be maintained and maintained nearby. The reputation in the industry is very good.

★Sales No.5: Risan air compressor  

Risan Air Compressor China Local famous Brand
Risan Air Compressor China Local famous Brand

Rixin (Risan) Electric Co., Ltd. was established in August 2017 with a registered capital of 50 million CNY. It is located in the beautiful southeast coast of Zhejiang, south of the Yangtze River Delta, Wenling, Zhejiang. This is a young company. The company produces energy-saving and high-efficiency screw air compressors with permanent magnets. Frequency conversion screw air compressor, two-stage compression one-stage energy-efficient screw air compressor, textile special low-pressure and high-efficiency screw air compressor, diesel engine-powered mobile screw air compressor is a professional manufacturer mainly, the company has 2 senior screw compressor engineers, There are 3 R&D engineers, 2 design engineers, more than 200 other professionals and employees, etc. Rixin Company is an enterprise integrating design, development, production, and sales. The company’s current design capacity is 4000 units per month and an annual output of 50000 units. With 68 acres of existing plant, more than 50,000 square meters of practical area, the company has advanced equipment: turret punch, CNC bending machine, laser cutting machine, automatic spraying line, semi-automatic welding line, robot welding station, automatic assembly line and automated material warehouse. Advanced ERP management system, excellent materials, precision manufacturing, high-efficiency testing equipment, self-quality training, and the accumulation of corporate culture have created excellent quality products. We will promote the market with first-class products, expand the market with first-class reputation, improve the market with first-class service, and consolidate the market with first-class commitment.

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