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Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co., CPMC, Sichuan Province, China updates the world top 10 air compressor brands list. All of these brands are popular around the world. It is just for customer’s reference only. Each and every compressor product has its’ own features, advantages and disadvantages. It is imperative to choose the right air compressors which meet the actual application requirements. CPMC team keep trying to update helpful information for customers around the globe. Should you have any questions, please feel free to write to us:

Top 1 World Brand Air Compressor: Atlas Copco (Sweden)

Atlas Group was established in 1873, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, a Fortune 500 company, more than 40,000 employees, covering 86 countries, and long-term location in Thomsonro Toss is one of the top 100 global innovative companies and is a leader in global compressor technology known for innovation; it is the world’s largest compressor supplier with an industry covering the entire aerodynamic system. China has Atlas Copco (China ) Investment Co., Ltd. (established in February 1999). The Chinese factory is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province. The product series of oil-injected screw air compressors mainly include GA+VSD series, GA series, and G series, respectively, in three grades: high, medium and low.

Top 2 World Brand Air Compressor:  Kaeser (Germany)

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN is a family business and one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of compressed air products and services. Kaeser was a mechanical processing plant when it was founded in 1919 and currently has two manufacturing plants in Germany. The company employs approximately 6,000 people around the world, and the company produces its products in Coburg (Northern Bavaria) and Gera (Thuringia), Germany. The product is characterized by outstanding reliability, energy efficiency, cost efficiency and easy maintenance. All these features have helped Kaeser achieve its leading position. In 1997, Kaeser established Kaeser Air Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China, located in Xinzhuang Industrial, Shanghai. Area.

Top 3 World Brand Air Compressor: Ingersoll Rand (United States)

Ingersoll Rand, the company was founded in 1871, a global leader in diversified industries, a multinational group brand, a world-famous brand, and the first air compressor company to enter China. Its pneumatic tool system is the world’s leading company. Its brands include Club Car®, Ingersoll Rand®, Thermo King® and Trane®, a company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company is headquartered in Davidson, North Carolina, USA. Shanghai Inger was established in 1987 The Chinese factory of Solan Compressor Co., Ltd. is located in Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The product series of oil-injected screw air compressors mainly include R series, M series, and V series, respectively, in three grades: high, middle and low.

Top 4 World Brand Air Compressor:  Sullair (USA)

Sullair was established in 1965 in Michigan, Indiana, USA. It is one of the world’s well-known compressor companies. It has two production bases in Suzhou and Shenzhen in China. Its products mainly cover military, textile, pharmaceutical and other industries. Mobile screw air compressors have high market competitiveness. In 1993, Daishenglan Group China Representative Office (predecessor of Shenzhen Sullair Shanghai Branch) was established in China. The company was wholly-owned by Hitachi of Japan in 2017. Oil-injected screw air compressors The machine product series mainly have two grades: SU and LS series.

Top 5 World Brand Air Compressor: Gardner Denver (United States)

GD’s full name is GardnerDenver. It is a listed company in the United States. It was established in 1859 and was named “one of the healthiest companies” by Forbes. It is one of the world’s top 1000 companies. Acquired many brands, and recently acquired CompAir. His large-scale oil-injected screw machine market share is very good, and many domestic large-scale oil-injected screw machine manufacturers use his head assembly. GD is a late entry into the Chinese market among all major imported brands, and its domestic popularity is not high enough.

Top 6 World Brand Air Compressor: Fusheng (Taiwan)

Fusheng was established in Taiwan in 1953, and the sports equipment division was established in 1977. Fusheng became the world’s leading manufacturer of golf heads and premonitions. Fusheng entered China in 1990, and was established in China during the ten years. There are three factories in Zhongshan, Beijing and Shanghai. The product series of oil-injected screw air compressors mainly include SA series, SF series and FU series, respectively, in three grades: high, middle and low.

Top 7 World Brand Air Compressor:  Gesu (UK)

Gesu was established in London, England in 1871. The main industries are military products, electronic products, and air system products. The group was merged by British Marconi and British BAC Gas Company into British BAE Company. The company was established in 2002. Established a representative office in Shanghai, China to promote the air system product business. In 2016, a storage center was established. In 2018, it invested 11 million US dollars to build a factory in Jinshan District, Shanghai. It was the latest to enter the Chinese market and did not seize the Chinese air compressor system. First, the product series of oil-injected screw air compressors mainly include BAE series and GS series respectively. The product types include energy-saving oil-injected screw air compressors, vacuum pumps, diesel mobile air compressors, medium and high pressure air compressors, and centrifugals. Compressors, contract energy management, etc.

Top 8 World Brand Air Compressor: CompAir (UK)

CompAir, the company’s headquarter is located in Redditch, UK. CompAir (UK) Ltd. is the global headquarters of CompAir. Here are the top management team, after-sales service department, group finance department, and its own dedicated office building and manufacturing plant of the sliding vane compressor (Hydrovane) business department. The company entered Shanghai in 1994 and established Shanghai CompAir Compressor Co., Ltd., whose factory is located in Songjiang District, Shanghai.

Top 9 World Brand Air Compressor:  Kobe Steel (Japan)

Kobe, founded in Kobe, Japan in 1905, is one of the world’s top 500 companies and the third largest steel conglomerate in Japan. It starts from steel manufacturing and forging. In many fields such as machinery, engineering, and real estate, the Chinese factory is located in Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone.

Top 10 World Brand Air Compressor:  BLT (Sweden)

BLT, the company was established in 1999 in Jiading District, Shanghai (a Sino-Hong Kong joint venture), and was wholly-owned by Atlas Group in 2006. In 2016, the production plant merged with the Atlas plant and moved to In Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, Atlas Copco’s core components are supplied by Atlas Copco, and most other parts are also supplied by Atlas Copco. Compared with Atlas Copco products, the cost performance is higher. The disadvantage is that the product is single. , Only oil-injected screw air compressor products, the product series are divided into: BLT integrated air compressor, BLT S energy-saving air compressor, energy-saving products (Air-net pipeline, energy-saving centralized control, energy recovery system ), air handling equipment.

There are many other world famous air compressors such as Quincy and Chicago Pueumatic. We will update further information about this two popular air compressors as well. Both Quincy and Chicago Pneumatic sell very well in China and many of these products go abroad from China as well.

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