International and China Domestic Air Compressors Brands: What are they?

Kaishan Air Compressor China

First, China screw air compressor overall market status

China’s air compressor market is very large, currently estimated, the total annual market is about 15 billion to 20 billion. China’s air compressor market consists primarily by air compressors such as piston, screw, centrifugal, sliding sheets, and the piston is the largest, followed by screw type, centrifugal, slide, vortex, etc.

Since the introduction of the screw air compressor, the screw air compressor has gradually become the mainstream product of conventional air pressures, due to the gradual replacement of the piston air compressor, leading to some traditions, state-owned In addition to the production of high-pressure manufacturers, the piston air compressor manufacturer is still maintained outside the operation, most of the transitional screw air compressors, but because of the transformation, these manufacturers have not emerged as a manufacturer of branded manufacturers. The original piston manufacturer of transformation, generally due to the characteristics of the market and helpless, generally engaged in the production of low-risk and low-priced screw air compressors, and the sales volume is not large.

At present, the brand of leading screw air compressor market is almost dominated by foreign brands such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, and Sullair. Domestic air compressor brands, the Kaishan and Red Five Rings (Hongwuhuan) sold in low-end traditional facade, after the family, open the mountain and the red five rings, reduce the attention of the store business model, marketing method, very torrential accumulation , their success is mainly because of the two reasons below:

1.The starting and production time is early, the category is complete, and the customer base is large.

2.The intensive sales outlets, rural surrounding cities have played a key role.

When the four brands of 2010, the Kaishan and Red Five Rings (Hongwuhuan) were relying on the store, quietly occupying low-end markets, avoiding finished in the middle and high-end market brands. At present, the China domestic air compressor market is mixed, which makes the brand’s scoring ridge, and the Kaishan air compressors have firmly occupied the low-end market share and the share of the high-end market.

However, the way that the Kaishan air compressor company is focusing on is for sales quantity rather than quality. And there is  a momentum that it has been declining, and the quality of the Red Five Ring (Hongwuhuan Air Compressor) is also declining. And this infects the consumers’ purchase confidence and there is a long way to go for better development in the years to come.

Second, the Major International Air compressors Brands

# 1 Atlas Copco (hereinafter referred to as AC)

AC is a multinational group with its headquarter in Sweden and air compressor manufacturers in Belgium. Due to years of continuous acquisition, AC can produce various forms of air compressors and are quite famous. It has the highest global share.

AC mainly produces oil screws and oil-free screw air compressors. There are several factories around the world, and there are also plants in Wuxi, China. AC also merged Liuzhou Fuda (Liu Tech), Shanghai Bolaite (BLT), Guangzhou Linghein, Chin in recent years and have different sales into diversification from high-end, medium end to low-end markets. Throughout the Atlaskopco, after the Chinese market, foreign brand visibility and excellent quality, the main machine production core technology, the product line has become the most powerful and gained the rapid development, in the field of screw air compressors. 

AC mainly rely on their branches in China because of the huge market in Asia. Every year tens of thousands of products enter other countries from China. You can see there are so many distributors thought whole China, in almost every mega city  there are AC sales Chanels, there are so many stocks in different warehouses from different distributors. It is more convenient and faster to purchase AC products, no matter whether it is a small piece of spare part such as solenoid valve or just one wire connector, or whether it is a brand new air end, worldwide buyers may get a far cheaper price when buying from distributor in China. Due to the AC’s sales policy, if a distributor has bigger revenue, the distributor can get far better wholesale prices.  Thanks to this, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.(CPMC), a new but fast growing online distributor in southwest China, has more and more sales Chanel while the wholesale prices of CPMC are cheaper because CPMC has a bigger supplier chain when partnering with many distributors’s rich resources. Learn more about CPMC.

# 2. Ingersoll Rand (hereinafter referred to as IR)

IR is also a multinational group, and its headquarters is located in the United States, and the air compressor manufacturer is just a group of subordinates. IR can also produce various forms of air compressors, rich in products, and high visibility. The global market share is second only to AC or it is incompatible.

IR is the earliest company in China’s joint venture, founded in Shanghai in 1987. Before 1995, Shanghai IR production and sales were very good. Customers on the market are waiting to buy screw machines, while only IR production screw machines are produced.

IR mainly sells through branch, with branches in major cities across the country, such as Beijing, Shenyang, Qingdao, Wuhan, Three Gorges, Guangzhou, Shanghai, etc. In other regions, IR is sold by distributing agents.

IR Because China has built a factory in China, it is relatively high. However, because Shanghai IR uses 30 years ago, its quality is not very good, and it has greatly affected its sales. In the past 10 years, IR’s best product in China is a centrifugal air compressor. Before 1997, IR accounted for 80% of China’s imported centrifugal air compressors in China. The responsibilities of their salesperson are just busy with the signing, and customers have to go to the United States. Another profitable product of IR is a mobile air compressor that is widely used in China.

IR’s current advantage is still its wellness, its disadvantage is that it has two sets of sales systems: First, the Far East IR, one is Shanghai IR. The concept of two organization members is difficult to unify, and the quality of the products of Shanghai IR is also weakened to a certain extent. Therefore, IR’s screw machine is currently not very good in China’s domestic sales.

# 3. Sullair (USA air compressors)

Sullair is a subsidiary of a large US air (military) enterprise, the production of air compressors is not long, mainly the screw machine. Sullair has branches in the world, in the United States, which is second only to IR air compressors.

Sullair is located in Shenzhen Shekou in China.

Sullair air compressor is mainly sold through agents (distributors). Prior to 1999, its agents were mainly from Guangzhou and Taiwan. Recently, the number of agents has greatly increased. Currently, Sullair has considerable performance in certain industries, such as textiles, cars, etc.

Sullair’s main products are oil screw and mobile, which have a great price competitiveness in the Malaysia (300HP). Sullair’s current popularity is not large, and the investment in China is not large. Its main advantage is reflected in the fact that it has been in China, and the price is cheaper. While the disadvantage of Sullair is that the appearance of its machine is rough and the popularity is not high.

# 4 FUSHENG (Taiwan Air Compressors) 

Fusheng is a Taiwan-funded enterprise, which is the screw air compressor brand that earlier in the Chinese market. At present, the market share of the market in the Chinese market accounts for the top three positions. After the end of the 1990s, he entered China, north of Beijing The production pattern of Shanghai Zhongshan Sanfang Factory, the marketing model of various provinces, the marketing model of the agent, has achieved market opportunities, once a first brand of China’s air compressor market.

However, the rush air compressor with the maximum amount of air compressor market, which is in quality, although leading to domestic enterprises, but relative to Atlas, this technical short board directly leads him. The first position was surpassed by Atlas in 2003. Fusheng is leading, not to achieve his screw air compressor, but his product line full, piston air compressor, oil-proof air compressor, mobile air compressor, explosion-proof air compressor, centrifuge Press, product is all, which makes him play a huge driving role in customer expansion. The first quality of the piston air compressor has also maintained his reputation in the market, but in the past few years, with the piston air compressor faded out of the market, due to the reputation of the piston air compressor drives the screw air pressure The factors of machine sales are reduced, coupled with the color of the Taiwan brand and the short plate positioned in the middle and high-end quality, and relentlessly returned to the first position, almost no longer possible. The maximum advantage of FS is more customer group, especially in the popularity of the piston client, poor quality is poor, the price is too high and the quality does not match, the failed in the martial machine is very high, easy to high temperature jump.

# 5 Gardner Denver (referred to as US GD)

GD is a multinational group, headquartered in Kunxi, USA, Gardner, founded in 1859, 1927, Gardner Governor Company merged with Denver Rock Drill Company, which consists of Gardner-Denver. Gardner-deNVer continued to develop and was acquired by Kuber in 1979. From 1985 to 1998, Cooper acquired Sutorbilt and Duroflow fans, OPI oil well inspection pumps and JOY compressors. Due to the policy change of Cooper Industries, Gardner Denver has been separated from the company in 1994 and became an independent company. Gardner Denver, Inc. is open to the New York Stock Exchange, the icon is GDI.

The business of Gardner Denver is divided into compressed air and gas, vacuum and liquid delivery, and air compressors implement a comprehensive agency system in global. In 2003, I entered China. I set up an assembly plant in Shanghai. Some products entered China. In 2004, I acquired Siemens, Naxim vacuum pump, and fully explored the Chinese market. In the high-voltage piston machine, Bailimogen has won global recognition. Current domestic hydropower station Industry, PET Blowing Industries have high share. After the acquisition of Vinci Tamrotor, after the import of GD technology is improved, it has entered the top of the world’s top host manufacturer, and now the world’s 20,000-larger hosts will provide an OEM manufacturer and assemble.

Since many air compressors manufacturers directly use their heads, the GD is promoted, and nearly 30 domestic manufacturers such as GD are promoted, and nearly 30 domestic manufacturers are started with GD. It relies on unique patented technology, and the stability of the head has won many users in the Chinese market.

Low popularity, the price is high, the defect of GD, its good quality, customers are gradually recognized, of course, GD has a very long way to go in China.

# 6 Comp Air (hereinafter referred to as Compair)

Compair is a British company, mainly known for the production of sliding air compressors (≤50 HP). Has been acquired by GD. Compair has established a Shanghai factory in 1993, but it is currently not established in China’s national national sales network, so it has not had a big impact, and it has been acquired by GD.

Compair’s advantage is that the cheapness of the slide machine; B, Demag screw machine also has a price advantage; C, the product variety is complete; D, the factory has a factory in China.

The disadvantage is: 1, product quality is general; 2, the marketing network is not perfect; 3, the popularity is not enough.

# 7 Kaeser Caesar Air Compressors (Germany)

Kare is the largest air compressor manufacturer in Germany, has strong production capacity, and has a good reputation like Boge in Europe.

Kaesel has established a branch in Shanghai, China has an agent in Shenzhen, and has not yet established a sales network in the country.

Kaesel does not produce oil-free, although it is soldier than Boge, its quality is poor than BOGE. The innovation is not strong, and the whole is going downhill.

The advantage of Kaeser is very famous in Europe, and its price is competitive.

Kaser’s disadvantage is not perfect, and innovative awareness is not enough.

# 8 Other Foreign Brands of Air Compressors

A Quincy Air Compressor (USA)

Quinsis is a subsidiary of the United States, the United States, manufactures air compressors and vacuum pumps. In 1924, found in 1966, Quinsis, and the Industrial Group. In 1980, Qunxi compressors set up a new plant in Bay Minette, Alabama, which was produced by the screw. In 2003, there was no military background, Quinci China’s investment and preparations for the establishment of Chinese factories. In September 2004, the first factory in China in China was established in the Jiangsu Kunshan Economic Development Zone. As the sales and manufacturing base of the Qunxi compressor in the Asia Pacific region. Qunxi’s air compressor inherits the style of the United States. The appearance is rough, but its noise is also relatively large, the well-known than life is still low, the price is upstream, has been acquired by Atlas.

B Boge Boge (Germany)

Germany Berg Compressor Otuberg Air Compressor Corporation is located in the beautiful German northern city – Bibfeld City. Founded in 1907, after hundreds of years of wind and rain baptism and the four generations of family inheritance and innovation, the company officially devoted into compressor career in 1925, and started production of screw compressors in 1972.

C. Zscrew Three wells (Japan) mainly producing single-screw oil-free air compressor host, Human oil-free air compressor for this brand.

D. Kobelco Shengang (Japan) Japan Shennong Group was established in 1905, ranked 453th in the world’s top 500, is a steel, casting, welding, industrial machinery, environmental protection machinery, complete equipment, titanium, aluminum , Copper and other non-ferrous metallic metals. The current sales system is relatively complete. In 2011, 44.3% of Wuxi Compressor Co., Ltd., Wuxi Compressor, Founded in 1955, is a comprehensive compressor manufacturer of China. Especially in the fields of reciprocating compressors, the air compressor (screw type) field, is highly rated by the market.

E. Hitachi Hitachi (Japan) Hitachi as a group company, business involves information, communication systems, power systems, electronics, home appliances, and related major components and materials, etc., currently in China and Hanzhong companies to establish factory cooperation in Shanghai Manufacturing oil-free air compressor , Kunshan, Wuhan, Shenyang, Guangdong, Liaoning) to expand the sales volume; Hanzhen semen hopes to increase oil-free screw compressors in its air compressor product line to further expand business.

Third: The Main China Domestic Air Compressor brands:

  • A.Bolate (Shanghai)
  • B. Fuda (Liuzhou)
  • C. UNITED OSD (Shanghai);
  • D. Virken (Shanghai)
  • E. SCR (Shanghai)
  • F. Kaishan Compressors  
  • G. Hongwuhuan (Red Five Rings)
  • H. China CRRC
  • I. Jaguar (Xiamen, East Asia Machinery)
  • J. Risan Air Compressors
  • K. Zhigao Air Compressors
  • L. Denair Air Compressors …. and there are many more.

Fourth: European Series Air Compressors

  • 1 Atlas Copco ……. Sweden Atlas Copco, all imported parts, now in Wuxi has an assembly plant.
  • 2 Compair ……………… Compai, UK, now Shanghai has an assembly plant
  • 3. Boge …………………… Germany, now there is an assembly plant in China, possibly in Shanghai
  • 4. Kaeser ………………………… Germany, imported, whether it is unknown
  • 5. Alup …………………… Germany brand, Chinese is not detailed
  • 6. ABAC …………………. Italy ABAC brand, original import
  • 7. Ecoair ……………….. Germany, Ai, has been acquired by Inglan
  • 8. Fini …………………… Italy, now, now, Taishan, Guangdong Province, produces the piston machine and 100HP below the small screw
  • 9. Ervor ………………. French brand, can see in some thermal power plants, with the combustion engine
  • 10. Hydrovane ………….. British airgear, acquired by Kang Pi, brand reservation
  • 11. Demag …………….. Germany Demag, was acquired by Kangpi, the air compressor brand did not exist, China has some old customers
  • 12. Mahle ………………. Germany Mara, was acquired by Kangpi, the air compressor brand did not exist, some old customers in China
  • 13. Mattei …………….. Italy Matai / Martai, specializing in the production of slide air compressors, currently approved by Italy: Shenyang assembly Factory and Jiangxi assemblers, other such as: Beijing, Hefei has not been recognized, because this reason, Italy originally exported China, no longer use Mattei trademark.
  • 14. Air Krone …….. Italy, Corlong, imported, now very few sales
  • 15. Ceccato ………… Italy Cut Carto, did not see some sales, but some old users

American Series Air Compressors

  • 1. Ingersoll Rand ……… American brand (famous) has branch in Shanghai, while Nanjing has an assembly plant.
  • 2. Sullair ……………………American Air compressor (Famous)
  • 3. Quincy ……………………American brand (having production line in Kunshan and sales Chanel in Shanghai)
  • 4. Gardner Denver (GD) .American brand (Famous)
  • 5. PUMA ………………… American brand, it only produces small pistons and pneumatic tools 
  • 6. Leroi …………………. American brand 

Japanese Series of Air Compressors

  • 1. Kobelco ……………. Japanese gods, there is an assembly plant in Shanghai
  • 2. hitachi ………………… Japan Hitachi, in Nanjing
  • 3. Anest IWATA ……… Ji Tian, ​​original import
  • 4. Mitsui Seiki ……… Japan
  • 5. Airman ………………. Japan’s gas king, now very few, there are many mobile air compressors

Taiwan Series of Air Compressors

  • 1 Fusheng ……………. Taiwan is full, there are three assembly plants in China
  • 2 Hanbell ……………. Taiwan Han Zhong, Shanghai assembly.
  • 3 Swan …………………. Taiwan Swan
  • 4 Jaguar ………………. Taiwan Jaguar Xiamen East Asia Assembled 

Jaguar Air Compressors

Other regional brands:

  • 1 champion ………… Australian championship, has been acquired by Lifei Company, have seen this brand in China
  • 2 lg ………………………. Korean brand, the market hasn’t seen you for a long time!
    In addition, other Korean brands, the majority of users don’t want to superstition, which is not good than the domestic production, and it is the European head.
  • 3 Aerzener ………… Ai Zhen, Germany, is said to produce the manufacturer, unknown
  • 4 Bauer ……………….. Baohua, Germany, specializing in the production of gas supplement equipment, but there are many trademarks in China, called “Biel” What is a machine, a profession!
  • 5 Rotocomp ………. Germany trademark, it is said that it has been authorized to produce in China, but there is no, some hit it is a group of miscellaneous cards, such as screwing, sun, etc.

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co., CPMC released the worldwide air compressors brands list, while the names are not listed in order. As growing to be a large online distributor based in Chengdu, the southwest gateway city in China, with more and more supply chains (factories of manufactures, distributors and inner sales resources) on our platform, CPMC can serve a wide variety of air compressors, spare parts and some top standard woodworking tools of blades. Learn more about CPMC.

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