2021 China International Corrugated Exhibition Held at Shanghai New International Expo Center

China Shanghai Expo Meeting

2021 China International Corrugated Exhibition is sponsored by Reed Exhibitions. It is a 20-year-old Asia-Pacific professional corrugated equipment, consumables and technology exhibition. It is also an influential event for the corrugated packaging industry at home and abroad. The 2021 exhibition will radiate the world and will gather more than 1,300 well-known brands at home and abroad in a display area of ​​nearly 120,000 square meters. It is expected to attract more than 80,000 buyers with high purchasing power.

China International Meeting

As the flagship platform for global corrugated packaging development new trends and innovative technology, 2021 China International Corrugated Exhibition is undoubtedly a supplier of corrugated packaging equipment and technology. It is undoubtedly a global market to promote new products and technologies, spread brand and market public relations, and expand network resources. Great opportunity. At the same time, Reed Exhibitions’ unique TAP target buyer plan locks in the procurement needs of core buyers, helping exhibitors and global high-purchasing companies to accurately match, breaking through the bottleneck of trade and growing against the trend!

The exhibition was held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 14-17, 2021. At the same time, 2021 China International Color Box Exhibition, 2021 China Packaging and Container Exhibition, 2021 Shanghai International Soft Packaging Exhibition and 2021 Shanghai International Digital Printing Equipment Technology Exhibition, 2021 Shanghai International Paper Exhibition, 2021 Shanghai Intralogistics and Process Management Exhibition will also be held in the same period. During the same period of the seventh exhibition, the scale is huge, and it strives to create an all-round exhibition focusing on the entire packaging and printing industry.

Packing Meeting Shanghai China July 2021

Exhibition scale:

  1. Exhibition area: 120,000 square meters
  2. Well-known exhibitors at home and abroad: 1300
  3. Professional visitors at home and abroad: 80,000

China Shanghai Expo Meeting Shanghai Expo 2021

Exhibition Criteria

  • Cardboard processing equipment and spare parts
  • Corrugated board production line
  • Single-sided corrugated board production line
  • Single-sided corrugated machine
  • Double-sided corrugated machine
  • Thin knife slitting and creasing machine
  • Cross-cutting machine
  • Stacking machine
  • Paper splicing machine
  • Pasting system
  • Preheating cylinder
  • Raw paper holder
  • Corrugated roller
  • Corrugated cardboard conveyor belt
  • Rotary joint
  • Clutch ◆ Brake ◆ Deviation correction system
  • Steam recovery system
  • Tile line sound insulation system ◆ Other carton processing equipment and parts ◆ Plate making machine
  • Imposition table ◆ Box cutting machine◆ Roller and sleeve◆ Plate mounting machine
  • Anilox roller cleaning equipment ◆ Automatic plate washing machine
  • Feeding machine ◆ Paper feeding system
  • Printing slotting die cutting machine
  • Printing slotting die cutting paste / nail box linkage Line
  • Digital printing machine ◆ Large format offset printing machine (pre-printing)
  • Gravure printing machine (pre-printing) ◆ Unit type flexo printing machine (pre-printing)
  • Satellite-type flexo printing machine (pre-printing)
  • Laminated printing machine (pre-printing) )
  • Die cutting machine ◆ Waste removal system ◆ Paper mounting machine ◆ Laminating equipment ◆ Box nailing machine
  • Box gluer ◆ Carton forming machine ◆ Bundling and packing machine ◆ Paper cutter ◆ Creasing machine ◆ Knife cutting machine
  • Glue spray System ◆ Anilox roller ◆ Equalizer ◆ Ink scraper system ◆ Diaphragm pump ◆ Industrial belts and pulleys
  • Nail and glue machine accessories ◆ Other types of industrial paper for carton processing
  • Cow card ◆ Noodle cattle card
  • White board paper ◆ Other cardboard /Carton processing related consumables
  • Horizontal/longitudinal cutters◆ Adhesives
  • Additives◆ Plates◆ Rubber pads
  • Grinding wheels Grease
  • Die cutter ◆ Die cutting board ◆ Liner ◆ Packing tape ◆ Tear tape
  • End tape ◆ Double-sided tape
  • Other carton processing software/automation
  • Color management system ◆ Box design software
  • ERP management software
  • Production Management system ◆ Motion control system and motor
  • Other carton processing services ◆ Plate making factory ◆ Mould factory
  • Corporate consulting and training ◆ Equipment modification ◆ Second-hand equipment
  • Financial services ◆ Other plant supporting equipment ◆ Waste paper recycling system
  • Humidification and constant temperature equipment ◆ Forklifts, trucks
  •  Sewage and environmental treatment equipment ◆ Boilers
  • Other internal logistics conveying systems ◆ Raw paper logistics systems
  • Cardboard logistics systems
  • Carton logistics systems ◆ Carton loading and palletizing systems
  • Management execution system ◆ Equipment data collection ◆ Warehouse Management system
  • Three-dimensional warehouse (base paper/finished products)
  • Whole plant planning (paperboard factory/carton factory) Honeycomb/pulp molding equipment
  • Honeycomb cardboard production line ◆ Honeycomb paper core production line
  • Honeycomb paper core line ◆ Paper corner protection equipment
  • Pulp molding Processing equipment ◆ Vertical corrugated production equipment
  • Others Testing equipment

Exhibition features:

A high-speed plateless printing machine with a daily output of tens of thousands of meters, a world-class digital printing solution for corrugated paper, and my country’s first self-developed top-suction large-size automatic flat-bed die-cutting machine will be unveiled at this industry exhibition.

2021 Shanghai Expo

To provide international buyers with the “Overseas Buyers Online Matching Meeting” service, use the digital model to open new business, and help exhibitors find new business opportunities in the crisis. Simultaneous online viewing of the exhibition.

The corrugated exhibition and the color box exhibition participated in the online tour group. The corrugated exhibition designed 5 themed routes, and the color box exhibition designed 6 themed routes, aiming to showcase the advanced technologies and products under the theme routes. Overseas visitors can follow the footsteps of the tour group, visually and efficiently see the grand scene of the exhibition, and help overseas exhibitors understand the exhibits and quickly make purchasing decisions.

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