China Shandong’s Path of “Carbon Neutrality”: Hydrogen into Tens of Millions of Homes – Carbon Reduction

Qingdao China's first city for Carbon Neutrality

In the pursuit of “carbon neutrality”, Shandong province, a major energy-consuming province, has made a key move.

On April 16,2021, witnessed by Wang Zhigang, Minister of Science and Technology, and Liu Jiayi, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Xiang Libin, Vice Minister of Science and Technology, and Wang Shujian, Executive Vice Governor of Shandong Province, signed the “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” Technology Demonstration Project in Jinan (below Referred to as the “Hydrogen to Thousand Homes” project) framework agreement, this move means that Shandong has become the country’s first demonstration province for the large-scale promotion and application of hydrogen energy.

A reporter from Science and Technology Daily learned that, according to the agreement, Jinan, Qingdao, Weifang, and Zibo will jointly organize demonstrations for the “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” project. The implementation period is 5 years, focusing on the construction goals of “one hydrogen energy highway, two hydrogen energy ports, three popular science bases, four hydrogen energy parks, and five hydrogen energy communities”. The development is carried out through pure hydrogen pipeline transportation. The use of hydrogen energy will be used for demonstration in industrial parks, community buildings, transportation and mobile energy, ports, highways and other scenarios to create the country’s first hydrogen energy high-speed corridor and the country’s first demonstration base for 10,000 sets of hydrogen energy integrated energy supply devices.

Qingdao - China's First City for Carbon Neutrality Model City
Qingdao – China’s First City for Carbon Neutrality Model City

What is the “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” Project? And why can it be spent in Shandong?

It is understood that my country is rich in hydrogen resources and production, but the level of industrialization technology of hydrogen energy still lags behind the international leading level. The large-scale and efficient delivery of hydrogen has not yet reached the level of commercialization. There are serious problems such as incomplete hydrogen supply, cost, and standards and regulations. Restrict the development of the hydrogen industry.

To solve the above problems, there is an urgent need to explore new hydrogen energy application fields, expand the industry chain terminal market to drive the front-end scale of the industry chain, open up diversified application scenarios for hydrogen energy, and then improve the hydrogen energy supply system, reduce the cost of use, and promote the hydrogen energy industry sustainable development. The “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” project is directly oriented to the daily production and life needs of the majority of residents. It has a large individual base and high frequency of use. It has higher requirements for hydrogen supply, stability, continuity, and safety, which is conducive to boosting the scale of the hydrogen energy industry. , To improve the technological level, promote the maturity of the industrial system, and create a good industrial synergy environment for the promotion of hydrogen energy in a wider range and field of application.

Shandong Carbon Neutrality Act

The “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” project took place in Shandong, which is of typical significance.

As a major energy production and consumption province, Shandong has a prominent problem of the high proportion of coal in energy consumption and high proportion of coal and electricity in electricity consumption. At the same time, Shandong is also a populous province with complete infrastructure and an annual average of 2.6 million tons of hydrogen. The output ranks first in the country.

The goal of the “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” project is to promote the integration and development of the hydrogen energy innovation chain and the industrial chain through terminal demand, open up diversified application scenarios, achieve a substantial reduction in carbon emissions, and speed up the creation of replicable and scalable products. , Demonstration model of comprehensive utilization of hydrogen energy with high social recognition.

It is no wonder that Ling Wen, the vice governor of Shandong Province, described the implementation of the above-mentioned projects as “a long-awaited plan and long-awaited”.

From the perspective of construction difficulty, the “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” project is a systematic project involving energy supply, infrastructure construction, residential households, product technology research and development, safety performance testing, standards and regulations and other aspects and fields. The work span is large and the industrial chain is long.

However, Shandong Province has fully prepared for these challenges.

The reporter learned that at present, the hydrogen fuel cell industry chain in Shandong Province covers the entire field of hydrogen production, storage and transportation, key fuel cell materials, fuel cell vehicles and supporting industries, involving more than 120 companies (research institutions).

In the field of hydrogen energy and fuel cells, Weichai Group has built a complete set of R&D test benches covering “electrochemistry-single cell-stack-engine-power system-complete vehicle”, sample production and pilot test capabilities, and developed fuels The battery fixed power supply has been applied in batches, and it has the R&D and testing capabilities of the entire fuel cell technology chain and the entire industry chain; in the research of fuel cells and key components, Zibo Dongyue Group has mastered the core preparation technology of perfluorinated proton exchange membranes. Proton exchange membranes have certain advantages in the country; Shandong Aoyang, Yantai Binglun, Dongde Industrial, Weifang Fuyuan and Shouguang Kangyue etc. are used in vehicle-mounted hydrogen storage systems, compressors for hydrogen refueling stations, special air compressors for fuel cells, and hydrogen Effective breakthroughs and batch applications have been achieved in the development and matching of key components such as circulating pumps.

Carbon Neutrality China strategy

In terms of hydrogen production, Shandong Haihua, Huadian Weifang, Mingquan Group, Laiwu Steel Group, Taigang Group and other enterprises have a good hydrogen production, storage and utilization basis, and have developed pressure swing adsorption (PSA) purification technology and equipment. There is a layout.

A reporter from Science and Technology Daily noted that the National Fuel Cell Technology Innovation Center was inaugurated and established in Jinan, Shandong Province on the same day that the “Hydrogen Enters Ten Thousand Homes” project was launched. This also means that under the unique advantages of this industry’s technological innovation highland, Shandong has connected the National Pipeline Network, National Grid, Sinopec, Shandong Heavy Industry, Shandong Expressway, Shandong Port, Shandong Haihua and other large state-owned enterprises in series, in different links Play their respective advantages in the role of “implementation subject” and jointly promote the smooth development of the “Hydrogen to Ten Thousand Homes” demonstration project.

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