Honeywell Launches Battery Energy Storage System Platform

Honeywell Battery Technology

Honeywell launches battery energy storage system platform to help customers optimize energy costs and achieve decarbonization goals.

• With the deepening of the transition to clean energy power generation, battery energy storage technology will play a key role in grid stability
• A scalable platform helps to improve grid resilience, reduce power supply costs, and create favorable conditions for promoting energy conservation, emission reduction, and improving operational efficiency

July 13, 2021 Shanghai, China, July 13, 2021 – Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) recently announced the launch of its Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) platform. The platform integrates Honeywell asset monitoring, distributed energy resource management, monitoring control, and analysis technologies to help companies accurately predict and optimize comprehensive energy utilization.

Honeywell’s battery energy storage system platform utilizes best practices in energy management, such as energy arbitrage and demand management, and can flexibly control the timing of energy procurement and utilization. It is very suitable for various industrial and commercial enterprises, independent power generators and public utilities. In addition, the platform also enjoys performance guarantees provided by Honeywell, including stable and predictable costs, as well as increased uptime.

“Battery energy storage technology is critical to achieving decarbonization goals. Our integrated energy storage solutions combined with remote operation platforms can better predict and manage power supply and power generation in today’s increasingly complex distributed energy ecosystem. And power market demand,” said Chen Yan, Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell’s Process Control Department in China. “Honeywell’s advanced control software and performance-based assurance can help end users improve energy efficiency, optimize operations and Benefits, reduce risks, and save considerable costs during the entire life cycle of the asset.”

Honeywell’s battery energy storage system platform not only improves the stability and sustainability of the grid, but also reduces supply costs. For example, when a power generation equipment fails or shuts down, the platform can reduce the need for additional non-renewable energy power generation equipment to come online. In this case, the remote facility can maintain operations by running the platform simultaneously with the traditional generator set. Subsequently, the system can restart the shutdown power generation equipment or start a backup generator set, and then resume the standby mode.

Honeywell can provide various solutions according to customer needs, including small pilot projects and large projects covering multiple facilities. In addition, the battery energy storage system platform can also reduce the demand for non-renewable energy sources such as gas and diesel, thereby reducing the carbon footprint.

In order to achieve the goal of decarbonization and renewable energy utilization, the demand for battery energy storage systems is exploding worldwide. Honeywell and its partners have begun to use the energy storage service model to promote battery energy storage systems to customers in the global industrial and commercial sectors, creating favorable conditions for promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and improving operational efficiency. For example, Honeywell has partnered with DTEK, one of Ukraine’s largest private energy companies, to provide the first grid-level battery energy storage system for the local area.

Honeywell has a series of mature technologies to reduce carbon emissions, and has long been committed to improving customers’ environmental performance and social benefits by providing innovative products and services. About 50% of Honeywell’s new product development is based on improving customers’ environmental performance and social benefits. In China, Honeywell serves China’s ‘carbon peak’ and ‘carbon neutral’ goals through continuous development of products and technologies that meet customers’ energy and environmental needs, and works with Chinese partners to shape a sustainable future.

About Honeywell Performance Materials and Technology Group

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technology Group researches and develops process technology, automation solutions, performance materials and industrial software, leading the transformation and development of the world’s industry. The Group’s High Performance Materials Division specializes in the production of a wide range of high-performance products, including environmentally friendly refrigerants and foaming agents, aerosols and solvents, fine chemicals, additives, pharmaceutical packaging, and high-strength fibers for industrial purposes. Honeywell UOP (, a subsidiary of the group, is a leading supplier in the field of oil and natural gas. Its process technology has laid the foundation for the development of most refining companies in the world, helping companies to efficiently produce gasoline, diesel, and aviation Fuels, petrochemicals and renewable fuels. The Group’s Process Control Department ( is a pioneer in the industrial automation industry, providing automation control, safety systems, field instruments, fuel transportation solutions and burners, interconnected factory solutions, network security, and Papermaking and packaging materials control systems, interconnected facilities and metering solutions and services. For more information, please visit our official WeChat.

About Honeywell

Honeywell is a Fortune Global 500 high-tech company, providing industry-customized aviation products and services, building and industrial control technology, and characteristic materials to the world. It is committed to integrating aircraft, automobiles, buildings, factories, and The interconnection of all things such as chains and workers has enabled the world to achieve a more intelligent, safe and sustainable long-term development. Honeywell was founded in 1885, and its history in China can be traced back to the first distribution agency opened in Shanghai in 1935. Honeywell adheres to the philosophy of cultivating China and seeking long-term development, and implements the strategies of “Eastern Serving the East” and “Eastern Serving the World”, and promotes growth with local innovation. At present, all Honeywell business groups have settled in China, and Shanghai is the headquarter of Honeywell Asia Pacific. For more company information, please visit Honeywell China website, or follow Honeywell’s official Weibo and official WeChat.

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