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In the post-epidemic era of normalization of prevention and control, Ingersoll Rand, as the world’s leading provider of key business process creation and industrial solutions, will practice it with more than 160 years of manufacturing history of air compressors, pumps, blowers, and fluid management equipment. The concept of great health, adhere to product innovation and technology promotion, promote the development of my country’s medicine and health, and improve people’s health.

Shanghai, May 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – After more than a year of hard work, my country has effectively contained the new crown epidemic, and economic and social life has returned to normal, but the impact of the new crown has continued to this day. In the post-epidemic era, epidemic prevention and control will become normal. At the 26th National Member Congress of the Chinese Medical Association held recently, it also emphasized the strengthening of new technologies, new materials, and new drug research and development. As the world’s leading provider of key business process creation and industrial solutions, Ingersoll Rand, with more than 160 years of manufacturing history of air compressors, pumps, blowers, and fluid management equipment, will practice the concept of great health and insist on product innovation and technology promotion. , To promote the development of my country’s medicine and health, and improve people’s health.

Ingersoll Rand News Update

Protection: vaccines, masks, medical gloves and disinfection

As we all know, the new crown vaccination can effectively reduce the risk of infection and disease in the population, and it is a very effective preventive measure. In vaccine production, pharmaceutical companies need to meet the high requirements of GMP for air cleanliness, strictly control the number of suspended particles, the number of planktonic bacteria/settling bacteria, and the number of surface microorganisms. For this reason, companies must strictly control the oil content, dust content, and pressure dew point of compressed air. Ingersoll Rand’s oil-free compression equipment, drying equipment and other solutions can ensure zero pollution in the vaccine production line and make the air quality comply with industry regulations. Taking into account the high energy consumption of pharmaceutical companies, Ingersoll Rand has also developed a series of energy-saving products to help companies control operating costs, increase profits, and further improve their core competitiveness.

At the same time, in the development and production process of the new coronavirus inactivated vaccine, the isolation, cultivation, inactivation and animal challenge protection experiments of the virus need to be carried out under the conditions of the P3 laboratory with a high level of national biosafety. Ingersoll Rand NASH has been providing high-standard small liquid ring vacuum pumps for the pulse vacuum sterilizer in the P3 level inactivation system. The compact design of the NASH liquid ring vacuum pump is a global design and is suitable for 50/60Hz operation. It mainly considers silent and clean industrial applications. It can achieve a balance point of noise, performance and efficiency during operation. The built-in mechanical seal has no leakage.

A medical or N95 mask is mainly composed of non-woven fabric and meltblown cloth, and the meltblown cloth as the middle layer is the core material of the entire mask. Melt-blown cloth uses polypropylene as the main raw material. A slight uneven mixing of electret masterbatch or melt PP material during the mixing process will greatly affect the quality and performance of filtration efficiency, PFE, flexibility and so on. Ingersoll Rand Milton Roy’s mRoy series metering pump can greatly improve the accuracy and reliability of the mixing and dosing of meltblown cloth raw materials. This series of metering pumps are designed in accordance with global industrial standards. The steady-state accuracy of the pump can reach ±0.5%, and the maximum adjustment ratio can reach 100:1. The built-in adjustable pressure release valve and hydraulic balance diaphragm design make the service life of the diaphragm up to 96,000 hours.

Under the epidemic, the demand for medical gloves by medical practitioners and some people has greatly increased, and many companies have put forward production line transformation and new requirements. Due to the substantial increase in output, the conveying products that some companies have been using will have various problems such as excessive weight, small flow, easy blockage, motor overload and burnout, and troublesome maintenance. Ingersoll Rand ARO’s EXP series pneumatic diaphragm pump solves these problems well. This series of pneumatic diaphragm pumps run stably to ensure the continuity of production; the design is simple and the number of wearing parts is very small, ensuring easy maintenance in the event of a problem; not only is it effortless to transport viscous materials over long distances, but also does not cause any shear to the materials being transported. cut. After being selected by industry customers, they are highly recognized.

While comprehensive prevention and control and active treatment, countries around the world have also begun to think about the post-epidemic era. How to effectively sterilize and avoid cross-infection has become an important issue. The main purpose of disinfection spray equipment is to eliminate or greatly reduce harmful bacteria and viruses, and reduce the risk of spreading a series of diseases including the new coronavirus. The newly launched Ingersoll Rand Thomas 8311 series vacuum diaphragm pump has greatly improved the performance of disinfection and sterilization equipment. Through the use of pressurized steam, the autoclave can eliminate bacteria, viruses, fungi and other infectious agents. Thomas 8311 pump not only improves the sterilization capacity of sterilization equipment and prevents cross-infection, but also saves long-term costs.

Oxygen generator, Chinese medicine treatment plan and hospital negative pressure system

Since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, oxygen concentrators and ventilators have been very scarce medical supplies. The Ingersoll Rand Thomas compressor used in respiratory therapy equipment has a US patent to provide power for mission-critical components, such as medical ventilators, oxygen generators, and other respiratory therapy equipment for patients who need respiratory support. Compressors equipped with Thomas WOB-L® technology have low power consumption, low noise level, compact and lightweight design, and provide clean and reliable airflow.
In the battle against new coronary pneumonia, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment plan represented by Lianhua Qingwen Capsules and Granules has played an active role in clinical treatment. Following the surge in demand for these two drugs, Yiling Pharmaceuticals expanded its production last year. The extraction of Chinese medicine is a key link in the expansion project, and the liquid ring vacuum pump is an indispensable equipment for the extraction of Chinese medicine. Ingersoll Rand NASH liquid ring vacuum pump has been used for a long time in the Chinese medicine extraction workshop of Yiling Pharmaceutical, and has won the trust of customers for its safety and efficiency. NASH liquid ring vacuum pump has only one rotating part, no metal friction, low maintenance, safe and reliable, suitable for various harsh application environments. Liquid ring vacuum technology can handle air flow that is allowed to carry and is full of moisture. At the same time, low-temperature operation is also very suitable for processing flammable and explosive gases. It is widely used in vacuum degassing, distillation, drying, evaporation, solvent recovery and other applications in pharmaceuticals. In addition, the NASH-certified full life cycle service ensures that customers have no worries about using the equipment. In the end, nearly a hundred sets of NASH2BV/2BE1 liquid ring vacuum pump systems were selected for the new modern Chinese medicine industrialization project of Yiling Pharmaceutical.

Medical waste, waste water and exhaust gas will be generated during the treatment of new coronary pneumonia. How to deal with it in a timely and standardized manner and prevent secondary pollution has become particularly important. Most of the sputum and body fluids of patients with advanced pneumonia are sucked away through the hospital’s negative pressure system. Both Ingersoll Rand Elmo Rietschle oil-type rotary vane vacuum pumps and NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps can be used to construct hospital negative pressure systems. The oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump has the characteristics of reliable operation and long life. The gas flow path from the inlet to the exhaust port is long and the inside of the pump cavity can withstand the harsh ecological environment (high temperature over 100 degrees Celsius, vacuum state of oil and gas mixture), and passes through a bacterial filter Most of the trace medium sucked in will be stored in the lubricating oil of the vacuum pump. The gas discharged from the vacuum pump is safe, and only a small amount of lubricating oil is required to be treated as medical waste. Liquid ring vacuum pumps use water as the working fluid, which has good adaptability to the water vapor and impurities in the medical negative pressure system. It has the characteristics of stable operation, low maintenance and low cost. It is more commonly used in hospital negative pressure systems. The liquid ring vacuum pump is used in conjunction with the water storage tank, and the working fluid can be recycled and normally does not need to be discharged. According to the relevant regulations of “GB50751”, no matter which type of vacuum pump is used, the gas discharge of the negative pressure system needs to meet the installation requirements of the system piping.

Science and technology help fight the epidemic and improve people’s health and well-being. In the post-epidemic era, Ingersoll Rand will always use its professional technology and reliable product solutions, adhering to the corporate tenet of “Trust us, make life better!”, escort people’s health and safety, and help build a healthy China.

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