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Jaguar Air Compressors and Jaguar Cars: JAGUAR air compressor is a brand of air compressor produced by Xiamen East Asia Machinery Co., Ltd. The company transferred to the mainland of the motherland in 1990, with a total investment of 20 million U.S. dollars and an annual production capacity of more than 20,000 screw compressors of various types, from 7HP to 600HP models, and more than 60,000 piston air compressors of various types. 1HP-30HP, more than 20,000 sets of rear processing equipment, covering the entire series of screw air compressors. It is the only domestic professional manufacturer that integrates screw air compressors, piston air compressors, air storage tanks, refrigerated dryers, air purifiers, precision filters and other post-processing equipment.

Jaguar Air Compressor System - China Reputable Air Compressor Brand
Jaguar Air Compressor System – China Reputable Air Compressor Brand

Jaguar Air Compressors by Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industry Co., Ltd

Xiamen East Asia Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-invested enterprise, “National High-tech Enterprise” and “Fujian Enterprise Technology Center”. At the same time, it is one of the largest professional manufacturers of positive displacement air compressors in China and one of the few domestic companies that master the core technology of screw air compressors. It is a large-scale enterprise focusing on providing energy-saving, efficient and stable compressed air system solutions, integrating independent research and development, production, sales, and service. The Jaguar Air Compressors becomes a famous brand and gained reputation domestically and internationally.

Jaguar Cars Limited

Jaguar Motors Limited is a luxury car manufacturer in the United Kingdom. Its headquarters was originally located in Brownland, Coventry, England, and then moved to Whitley, Coventry. At the beginning of its establishment in 1922, it was called the Swallow Sidecar Company, or SS Motor Company for short. Later, the car was modified to produce SS90 and SS100 models. SS100 has the sub-name of Jaguar Jaguar. The abbreviation of the army is also SS, so in 1945 the company changed its name to Jaguar.

World Brand of Jaguar Cars - UK Automobile
Jaguar, a well-known British luxury car brand, was born in 1922, the founder is Sir William Lyons; it is now under the Indian Tata Group. Entering China in 2004, Jaguar currently has three products in the Chinese market: X series luxury sports cars, TYPE series luxury sports cars, and PACE series luxury coupe SUVs.

As early as 1935, the Jaguar SS100 rivaled the previous Bentley’s famous car but the price was less than half. It regarded itself as a “poor man’s Bentley” and took the upper hand in the competition. The Bentley Speed ​​Six was the first to be self-proclaimed as a supercar by the manufacturer. Product, so the first-generation supercar killer is the Jaguar SS 100. The XJ 220 produced between 1992 and 1994 was the fastest mass-produced car in the world at that time, and it was generally recognized as the first super sports car in the UK.

After World War II, the success of XK120 and other cars on the racing track helped Jaguar build a reputation. In 1960, Jaguar acquired Daimler Motors and used the brand as the highest-end product range in the XJ car series. In 1968, the British government launched a plan to integrate the British automobile industry, and Jaguar was merged into the British Motor Group (later the British Leyland Motor Company). This automobile industry integration plan was not successful. Many brands under Leyland have not been able to recover their decline after many reorganizations. However, Jaguar, which has independent R&D capabilities and rich experience in car manufacturing, can still grow at a steady pace. , The production of the XJ sedan and the successor model XJS of the sports car E-Type was very successful. In 1984, Jaguar separated from Leyland Motors, but then in the XJ40 car series remodeling business that replaced the XJ series, the then chairman Sir Egan admitted that the evaluation was wrong, which made the new car applauded, and the quality problem caused business troubles. Therefore, in the global merging wave of auto factories, it was acquired by Ford Motor Company of the United States for US$4.07 billion in 1989, and the crisis was finally resolved.

On March 26, 2008, Ford Motor reorganized its brands due to poor economic conditions and sold Jaguar and Land Rover to Tata Motors of India for US$2.3 billion.Jaguar and Audi have developed crash-resistant and lightweight aluminum alloy body technology. The new XJ model uses an all-aluminum alloy body and is joined by rivets just like the aircraft fuselage.

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