Quincy Air Compressor Released New Oil-FREE Products in 2021,July,China

Quincy New Oil Free Air Compressor Carnival Flesta

The scorching sun in July is like fire, more like our persistent pursuit of innovation. Today in July, we ushered in the Quincy New Product Launch Conference. This is another answer sheet given to countless brand loyal fans by Quincy for a century, to return the trust of customers in us, and craftsmanship to create the second century of legend!

The launch of this conference is a new oil-free series, including oil-free spiral gear technology, oil-free screw technology and oil-free scroll technology. Because we adhere to the application of different oil-free technologies to different customer needs, we use suitable matching technologies to help customers achieve the reliability and efficiency of the overall air compressor station. In addition, Quincy’s oil-free technology meets the Class 0 oil-free certification of German TüV, ensuring that it is truly oil-free. It is an ideal choice for companies that have strict oil-free requirements for production processes and processes.

Don’t worry if you haven’t been to the scene due to your business routine work, Chengdu ACT Machinery & Electronics Co.,Ltd, as one main distributor in southwest China will provide you with freshly baked photos and video of the new oil free series products. Come and feel the automsphere of Quincy’s new oil-free series products!

Main New Products from Quincy Air Compressors, Wuxi,China

1) QOFT40 oil-free rotary tooth air compressor

  • Volume flow: 4.4m3/min@8.6bar
  • Zero-grade oil-free, providing high-quality oil-free air
  • Advanced oil-free spinning gear technology to ensure stable and efficient production

China Quincy New Oil Free Air Compressor Carnival 2021

2) Q0F100V oil-free screw air compressor

  • Volume flow: 74~12.6m3/min@4~8.6bar
  • Zero-grade oil-free, providing high-quality oil-free air
  • Excellent oil-free screw technology, high efficiency and energy saving
  • Tested, reliable and stable

Oil Free Quincy Air Compressors New Product

3) QOF-5 oil-free scroll air compressor

  • Volume flow: 24.1m3/h@8bar
  • Zero-grade oil-free, eliminating all risks
  • Low-speed vortex revolver, silent operation
  • Can integrate dryer and gas storage tank (option)
Quincy Air Compressors China local agent

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