Heavy rain has a certain impact on production in the heavy populated province of Henan China

China Henan Flooding News Update- China Machinery News Update

On July 20, 2021, a sudden heavy rain turned the nation’s attention to Zhengzhou, Henan, China. Zhengzhou Meteorological Bureau announced that from 16:00 to 17:00 on the 20th, the rainfall in one hour reached 201.9mm. This catastrophe has already impacted the outcome of the local economy, especially in agriculture, public transport, automobile and manufacture such as air compressors filtration companies, valves companies, etc. Here let Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. discuss about the impact on production.

What is the concept of 201.9 mm in one hour?

According to general standards, a daily rainfall of more than 250 mm is called an extremely heavy rainstorm, and the rainfall in Zhengzhou today amounts to 201.9 mm in one hour.

   “Chinese Meteorological Enthusiasts” Weibo pointed out that within one hour Zhengzhou had a torrential rain of 201.9 millimeters, breaking five major records in one fell swoop:

  One-hour maximum rainfall record in global provincial capitals;
  One-hour precipitation record of national weather stations across the country;
  Single-day precipitation records in Chinese provincial capitals;
  The record of the strongest rainfall in Zhengzhou’s history;
   Zhengzhou rainfall record in July.

From 20 o’clock on the 19th to 20 o’clock on the 20th, the rainfall in a single day was 552.5 mm. From 20 o’clock on the 17th to 20 o’clock on the 20th, the rainfall in the course of three days was 617.1 mm. Among them, hourly precipitation and single-day precipitation have broken through the historical record of 60 years since Zhengzhou was established in 1951.

Henan Zhengzhou Flooding Impact on China Manufature Industry

The Paper reported that the average annual rainfall in Zhengzhou is 640.8mm, which is equivalent to the amount of the previous year in these three days. From the perspective of climatology, the probability of hourly precipitation and daily precipitation, and the return period through the fitting of the distribution curve, are all once in a thousand years.

Recurrence period in climatology refers to the average interval between occurrences of rainfall that is greater than or equal to a certain rainstorm intensity during the statistical period of the rainfall record data of a certain age, which is the recurrence period of the occurrence frequency of the rainstorm.

Affected by the continuous rainstorm, all stations of the Zhengzhou Metro network have suspended operation services. At present, there is a red warning for heavy rain in Zhengzhou. Please avoid traveling as much as possible.

Zhengzhou City Flood Control Office released information:

At present, more than 20,000 firefighters of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and the Armed Police Force stationed in Zhengzhou have been dispatched, distributed in important areas such as the Yellow River embankment, Changzhuang Reservoir, and Jiangang Reservoir. on the way. Defending the Yellow River, defending Changzhuang, has no time to delay! Our city is going through the process of local heavy rainstorm, please reduce going out as much as possible without incident, and pay attention to self-safety precautions.

Help the people affected by the heavy flood in Henan China

The whole people fight against floods and show warmth

   Under the heavy rain, Zhengzhou City staged a scene of warmth and affection of all the staff “fighting the flood.” The scenes of police and civilians working together to rescue wading vehicles, netizens relaying rescue information, and community residents rushing to drain water in the basement took turns. However, the ruthless disaster still has an impact on the production of local enterprises and the short-term normal operation of related industrial chains.

“Heavy rain has a certain impact on production. Some workshops have water ingress, so we suspended the operation of some production machinery.” A related person of a listed company in the industrial manufacturing industry in Zhengzhou with a production workshop told a reporter from Securities Times·e Company on the night of the 20th. Although the current supply of water and electricity in the factory area is normal, the company voluntarily suspended production due to water in the workshop. At present, there is no accurate statistics on the specific number of affected machines, and production will be suspended, and will gradually resume when the rainstorm subsides. As the heavy rain continues, the final impact of the company is still unknown. The company is also doing its best to prevent floods and arrange personnel on duty.

In addition to local enterprises, as the place where the Beijing-Guangzhou and Longhai railways converge, the heavy rain disaster in Zhengzhou has also affected railway transportation, which in turn exerted supply pressure on some industries.

According to local Henan media reports, at 14:00 on July 20, some sections of the Longhai Railway near the level crossing of Shakou Road, Jinshui Road, Zhengzhou City collapsed under heavy rain. The landslide is located about 4 kilometers from Zhengzhou to Luoyang on the Longhai Railway. The line is a common line used by Zhengxi High-speed Railway and the normal-speed trains on the Longhai Line, which will affect the operation of both the high-speed railway and the normal railway. In addition, the road is blocked due to heavy rainfall, and the expected control time for the Gongyi section of Lianhuo Expressway is about 48 hours.

“In addition to Zhengzhou, Gongyi was also affected by the heavy rain. The local aluminum industry is more concentrated in production and processing, and there is also a large-scale aluminum ingot storage warehouse in China. If road transportation is interrupted, the goods will not be shipped out of the warehouse. The short-term supply and demand of the aluminum industry has an impact, and the specific impact depends on the extent of the disaster.” An aluminum industry person in Gongyi, Henan, told a reporter from the Securities Time’s Company.

The Henan cement market, whose prices have fallen sharply due to sluggish downstream demand, may face more severe impacts after the occurrence of the heavy rain.

According to China Cement.com, the production and sales of cement manufacturers in Zhengzhou are currently affected, but the production line has not stopped production. According to the data of “2020 China’s Top 100 Cement Clinker Production Capacity” released by the website, Zhengzhou local cement companies mainly include Tianrui Cement, China United Cement, Songji Cement, Hongchang Cement, Yongan Cement, etc., with a total of 9 production lines. The production capacity is 13.64 million tons, accounting for 13.99% of Henan’s total clinker production capacity.

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