Pneumatech Takes Multiple Measures to Ensure Delivery for COVID19 Vaccine Production

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Pneumatech Takes Multiple Measures to Ensure Delivery: Since the beginning of 2020, the new crown virus has ravaged the world and brought great harm to the people of China and the world. The anti-epidemic action cannot be delayed. In order to ensure that people across the country get the new crown vaccine as soon as possible and achieve universal immunization as soon as possible, vaccine production companies are facing production pressure from a large amount of vaccine demand.

Compressed Air That Meets GMP Requirements

The gas demand for the production of the new crown vaccine is: the quality of compressed air must meet the quality requirements required by the GMP drug production quality management specification, and the quality inspection indicators of compressed air must meet the relevant standards of ISO8573-1:2010 cleanliness level “Class 0”. To ensure the quality of the gas source and improve the safety and reliability of vaccine products.

When the number of particles of 1-5μm per cubic meter of air is ≤10, PDF ≤-70℃, and the oil concentration ≤0.01mg/m³ is reached “Class 1”, and “Class 0” is defined by equipment users and suppliers Designation means a stricter standard than “Class 1”. This means that the finished gas source provided by Numantec must be close to dust-free, oil-free, and water-free, and the pressure dew point must reach -70°C.

ISO8573-1:2010 is the latest international standard for compressed air cleanliness specifications. It specifies how many solid particles, water and oil are contained in compressed air of different cleanliness levels.

According to the requirements of the customer’s URS documents, Pneumatech selected a combination of cold dryer + micro heat adsorption dryer with pressure dew point -70℃ + stainless steel pipe filter + sterilization filter to provide the company’s newly invested production workshop Reliable and clean finished air source meets customers’ extremely high requirements for compressed air quality.

Customer site of Newman Tektronix Dryer
Customer site of Newman Tektronix Dryer

Urgent orders, take multiple measures

In order to ensure that the project is completed as soon as possible and the vaccine is put into production as soon as possible, Numantec takes on the heavy responsibility, unites and uses resources from all parties to solve the urgent problems of the production and processing schedule. Colleagues from various departments and agents cooperate closely and actively respond to ensure the production progress. Immediately after the production is completed, a special vehicle will be arranged to ship the machine to the customer site to overcome the difficulties of the employees during the Spring Festival holiday and high risk of the epidemic. Construction will be carried out during the Spring Festival. The fifth batch of equipment has been successfully installed and is ready to be put into use. The sixth batch of equipment has been scheduled to be shipped, and the equipment for subsequent orders is also in full swing.

The rapid and smooth commissioning of the new crown vaccine project will greatly increase the production capacity of vaccines, and will further provide hardware guarantees for the large-scale production of vaccines in the future, as well as ensuring vaccine research and development efficiency and production capacity when responding to possible sudden major infectious diseases. Pneumatech is honored to participate in this anti-epidemic action, escorting China’s vaccines and the lives of the game against the virus.

Pneumatech is your guarantee for high-quality compressed air  

Pneumatech Pure Gas and Pure AirIn 2005, Pneumatech joined the compressor technology department of Atlas Copco Group in Sweden, becoming the only wholly-owned subsidiary in the group that focuses on gas drying and purification equipment and services and operates independently. At present, Numantec has production and product research and development bases in China, the United States and Europe, and the research and development results are shared globally.

In China, Pneumatech has strong technical strength, complete manufacturing and quality control systems, and extensive industry application experience, aiming to provide Chinese users with the best gas purification treatment system solutions. The main products include refrigerated dryers, adsorption dryers, pipeline filters, nitrogen generators, oil/gas-water separators and related auxiliary equipment.

With more than half a century of gas purification knowledge and profound accumulation of manufacturing experience, Numantec has worked closely with customers and business partners to continuously innovate and has become a professional supplier of compressed gas purification solutions in the world.

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