What is the Difference Between 13x Molecular Sieve and 5A Molecular Sieve

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13x is x-type molecular sieve, 5a is a-type molecular sieve; 13x pore size is 9-10 angstroms, 5a pore size is 5 angstroms, water absorption capacity, 13x is greater than 5a; 13x’s main cation is sodium ion and 5a’s main cation is calcium ion.
Application of 13x:-Purification and drying of liquefied petroleum gas-Purification of natural gas-Drying and purification of rocket propellant-Treatment of acetic acid process gas-Drying and purification of ammonia synthesis gas-Hydrogen purification-Air removal of carbon dioxide and water, air purification-Medicine storage In some applications, the two overlap a little, depending on the composition of the mixed material being processed, the temperature and pressure of the adsorption design, and the designer’s selection habits.

The main application of 5a molecular sieve: separation of normal paraffins and isoparaffins, natural gas drying and carbon dioxide removal, liquefied petroleum gas purification, removal of carbon dioxide from cracked gas, aromatics separation, hydrogen purification, oxygen and nitrogen separation, air purification, gas passivation, drying of certain liquid solvents.

13x air separation molecular sieve use: used in the air separation industry to purify the oxygen and nitrogen raw material gas in the air. It has extremely high efficiency. It can completely remove a small amount of CO2 and h2o impurities in the air that affect the oxygen and nitrogen separation performance. It is a supporting tool for the air separation industry. The special adsorbent for 5a; 5a molecular sieve uses: pressure swing adsorption; air purification dehydration and carbon dioxide.

What is the Difference Between 13x and 5A Molecular Sieve?

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