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Extend Duty Lubricant China

If you are looking for a reliable China supplier for Original Atlas Copco Roto Synthetic Fluid XTEND DUTY. You are on the right place. Here let China Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC update the Roto Synthetic fluid Xtend Duty for P/N 2901 1700 00, 2901 1701 00, 2901 1702 00,2901 1703 00 (Oil part numbersL 2901-1700-00, 2901-1701-00, 2901-1702-00,2901-1703000).

Add high-quality oil to make the most of your compressor. When your air compressor needs to run at the highest capacity, only Atlas Copco lubricants are enough. This is why it is worthwhile to use Roto Synthetic Fluid Xtend Duty. It is a long-life PAO oil specially developed for Atlas Copco oil-filled screw compressors.

Based on synthetic hydrocarbons and special additives, our specially designed 8000-hour lubricant has proven its ability to meet all lubrication needs under various conditions. RSF Xtend Duty improves compressor reliability, reduces service life operating costs and makes your equipment longer.

Roto Synthetic Fluid XTEND DUTY Service intervals 8 000 h or 2 years Compatible with operation in high humidity Equipment Atlas Copco oil injected screws.

  1. 5L plastic can (2901 1700 00)
  2. 20L plastic can (2901 1701 00)
  3. 209L metaldrum (2901 1702 00)
  4. 1000L container (2901 1703 00)

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If you are looking for more original oil from Atlas Copco, no matter what your compressor model is, here based in China, we have BETTER prices and faster delivery because China is the main and dominant manufacture center in the world and compressors equipment and all kinds of parts are in high demand, Air Compressors Trade Service Company has a large scope of warehouse stocks and supply chain and we will always be able to get the right match for you timely, mostly importantly, our prices are unbeatable. With our own network, all our original oils products and any other parts are cheaper than Alibaba.com or made-in-China.com or other third party platform. Check out more Atlas Copco Lubricant!


当您的空气压缩机需要以最高容量运行时,只有阿特拉斯·科普柯润滑剂就足够了。 这就是为什么使用 Roto Synthetic Fluid Xtend Duty 是值得的。 它是一种长寿命 PAO 油,专门开发用于阿特拉斯·科普柯注油螺杆压缩机。

基于合成碳氢化合物和特殊添加剂,我公司专业代理经销的阿特拉斯.科普柯 8000 小时润滑剂已证明其能够满足各种条件下的所有润滑需求。 RSF Xtend Duty 提高了压缩机的可靠性,降低了使用寿命运行成本并使您的设备使用寿命更长。

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