Sullair Stationary Air Compressors TS20 100-250Hp (75kw-187kw) Parts List

TS20 Sullair Air Compressors china Supplier

When you are looking for genuine original Sullair air compressors Parts, you are on the right page. Like Atlas Copco air compressors, Sullair provide the parts through their worldwide regional agents. However not all countries have the production line and service capacity, especially in some small Asian countries it is not possible to launch many distribution agents and it is extremely expensive to purchase Sullair OEM parts. Well, great news is that, based in China, the market capacity and Sullair production capacity is great in China. It is much cheaper to obtain genuine parts from China than anywhere else. In many cases, because customers are from across China and many other countries especially in southern Eastern Asia, the prices from authorized Sullair agents are much better than buying directly from Sullair air compressors headquarter, because private companies have high efficiency and better understanding to their customers. With years experiences of quotation, Air Compressors trade service team take pride in offering great prices for all sorts of Sullair air compressors (stationary and mobile compressors) and vacuum pump parts. 

Please remember that, when ordering parts always indicate the Serial Number of the compressor. This can be obtained from the Bill of Lading for the compressor or from the Serial Number Plate located on the compressor. In this post, we present the parts list for TS20 100-250kw series models.  

Sullair Stationary air compressors TS20 100-250Hp (75kw-187kw) features 

  • Compression host 5-year warranty
  • 8000 hours of sullube lubricating oil, with self-cleaning function
  • Flexible coupling
  • Large volume oil and gas separation tank
  • Intake control valve, save energy
  • Luxury computer controller
  • Sequence control, no other costs
  • Nano suction filter
  • Multi-grade oil, exhaust oil content <2ppm

TS20 100Hp-250Hp (75kw-187kw) Parts List: Filters/Separators/Valves/ Mint. Kit

Element For Air Filter 408399 405158
Element For Air Filter 048456 (primary) 048462
Element For Air Filter 048456 (secondary) 048463
Repair Kit For Fluid Filter 250025 —522 250025—526
Repair Kit For Fluid Flter 250007 — 219 250008—956
Repair Kit For Primary Separator Element 250034–121
Repair Kit For Secondary Separator Element 250034–133
Repair Kit For Sullicon Control 011682-003 250020–353
Replacement Seal For Compressor Shaft Seal 02250049—020
Tool Kit For Shaft Seal Installation 606174 —001
Repair Kit For Thermal Valve 014512 001168
Repair Kit For Flexible Coupling 040648 040649
Repair Kit For Flexible Coupling 040327 040523
Repair Kit For Flexible Coupling 041085 041353
Lubricant,sullube 32 (5 Gallon/20 Liters)(1) 250022—669
Repair Kit For Fluid Stop Valve 016742 001684
Repair Kit For Strainer 241771 241772
Repair Kit For Minimum Pressure/check Valve 242405 001176
Repair Kit For Minimum Pressure/check Valve 250033 — 821 250018-262
Repair Kit For Blowdown Valve 250030 —276 02250045—132
Repair Kit For Control Air Filter 408389 250031 —245
Repair Kit For Solenoid Valve 409067 250010-377
Repair Kit For Solenoid Valve 250038 —674 02250055–940
Replacement Coil For Solenoid Valve 250038 — 674 250031 —738
Repair Kit For Water Separator 410143 250033—038
Repair Kit For Water Separator 410144 250033–038
Repair Kit For Water Separator 250007—787 250033—036
Repair Kit For Air Cylinder 250016 –183 (i) 608311–001
Repair Kit For Discharge Check Valve 018435 606206–001
Repair Kit For Pressure Regulator Valve 406929 250028 —693
Repair Kit For Pressure Regulator Valve 408275 041742
(1) Sullube 32 Available In 55 Gallon/115 Liter Drum (p/n 250022 670)
(i1) Order Actuator Diaphragm Repair Tool Kit No.02250052625

Please Note:when Ordering Sullair Original Parts, please indicate Serial Number or the name plate Of Compressor, we are going to quote to you soon from 9 am to 5:30 pm (Monday-Friday) for Sullair. Please email us the full parts list you need, or you can submit a Quick RFQ form below. 

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