Broadly speaking, a pneumatic tool is mainly a tool that uses compressed air to drive a pneumatic motor to output kinetic energy to the outside. According to its basic working mode, it can be divided into: 1) Rotary type (eccentric movable blade type). 2) Reciprocating type (Volume piston type) General pneumatic tools are mainly composed of the power output part, the operation form conversion part, the intake and exhaust path part, the operation start and stop control part, the tool housing and other main parts. Of course, the operation of the pneumatic tool must also have an energy supply part, Air filtration and air pressure adjustment parts, tool accessories, etc.

Jackhammer (also called pneumatic wrench, pneumatic wrench, pneumatic trigger), pneumatic screwdriver (also called pneumatic screwdriver, pneumatic screwdriver), pneumatic grinder (also called pneumatic polisher, pneumatic water grinder, pneumatic sand mill, pneumatic grinder) , Pneumatic spray gun, pneumatic nail gun, pneumatic pull cap gun, air shovel, pneumatic hammer, shock-absorbing pneumatic saw, shock-absorbing pneumatic file.

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