Atlas Copco DD/DDp/PD/Php and QD Coalescing Filters – China Distribution

Atlas Copco DD/DDp/PD/Php and QD Coalescing Filters – China Distribution

Reliable Atlas Copco air compressors and original parts supplier China air compressors trade service company team always provide the informative and timely information about the Atlas Copco Coalescing Filters. In this post, let’s talk about the Environmental Protection Atlas Copco Oil Coalescing Filters DD, DDp, PD, Php and QD precision filters series (12/25/45/65/90/160/215/265/360). Keep your compressed air system running smoothly and trouble-free.

After the air is compressed, the concentration of particles and moisture increases. This Atlas Copco air compressor filter produces abrasive mixtures that can cause extensive damage.

Instruments and tools may malfunction, spray paint and breathing air may not be available, maintenance costs will increase, and products will deteriorate.

Atlas Copco’s DD, PD, DDp and QD air compressor filter series, if used in the correct combination, will provide 9 to 7200 l/s of high-quality air under nominal operating conditions.

DD range:
Coalescing and particulate filters for general protection that can remove liquid water and aerosols as low as 0.1 mg/m (0.1 ppm) and particles as low as 1 micron.

DDp range:
A particulate filter for dust prevention, which can remove particles as small as 1 micron.

PD range:
High-efficiency coalescing and particulate filter to remove liquid water, oil mist to 0.01 mg/m (0.01 ppm) and particles as small as 0.01 micron.

QD range:
The activated carbon filter is used to remove oil vapor and hydrocarbon odors. The maximum remaining oil content is 0.003 mg/m (0.003 ppm) and is installed after the PD filter.

Atlas Copco DD/DDp and PD/PDp and QD Oil Coalescing Filters Pricing

DD/DDp/PD/PDp/QD series (equipped with differential pressure indicator)

No# Model Number FAD Reference DD DDp PD PDp QD  USD Price  Diameter
1 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 12 0.72m³/min 8102297085 8102297093 8102295006 8102297077 8102264994                         190 G 1/2
2 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 25 1.50m³/min 8102297127 8102297135 8102297101 8102297119 8102265181                         213
3 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 45 2.70m³/min 8102295014 8102297150 8102295022 8102297143 8102265231                         258
4 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 65 3.90m³/min 8102295030 8102297176 8102295048 8102297168 8102265280                         329 G 3/4
5 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 90 5.40m³/min 8102295055 8102297192 8102295063 8102297184 8102265330                         423 G 1
6 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 160 9.60m³/min 8102295071 8102297218 8102295089 8102297200 8102265389                         514 G 1 1/2
7 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 215 12.90m³/min 8102295097 8102297234 8102295105 8102297226 8102265439                         587
8 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 265 15.90m³/min 8102297267 8102297275 8102297242 8102297259 8102265488                         661
9 Atlas Copco DD DDp PD PDp QD 360 21.60m³/min 8102295113 8102297291 8102295121 8102297283 8102265538                         845 G 2 1/2

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