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Updated on Jan.11,2022: Great news update about Atlas Copco Airends promotion price 2022: Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC is China Main and reliable distribution network for Air Compressors, genuine original parts. Working closely with domestic and international top brands like Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Quincy, Chicago Pneumatic, Jaguar, etc, we are proud to trade variety of quality mechatronic products with VERY competitive prices (5-10% cheaper than those on this post, CPMC releases the latest China market distribution prices for Atlas Copco Air-ends. If you want to purchase genuine Air end for your Atlas compressed air system, never hesitate to send us your detailed requirements. Before our team can quote you the exact price, please specify your destination address for receiving the item, whether you need us to arrange the international delivery or not, and for the pro-forma invoice, if you need us to down value the prices to help you minimize the import tax, please inform us.

CPMC Latest Promotional Prices for Atlas Copco Air ends 2022

AC or LiuTech Model BLT Model No. Motor Model No. Drive Mode Air End Part Numbers Reference PN Market Price CPMC Special Deal
GX2-5 BLT 7HP C40 Belt Driven 1616710380 1616710390 US$2,500 US$978
BLX 10-20HP C55* Belt Driven 1616753580 1616753590 US$3,750 US$1,484
GA5-11C BLT 10-20HP C55 Belt Driven 1616657583 1616657593 US$3,750 US$1,659
Gxe/GAe18-30 BLT 25-40HP
C77 Belt Driven 1616578982 2989015401 US$7,292 US$2,794
GA11-22 C77 Direct Drive 1616671280 1616671290 US$7,292 US$2,794
BLT25-30HP C67 Belt Driven 1616774591 US$7,292 US$2,444
LU30-45 BLT 50-60HP
BLX 50-60HP
C90 Belt Driven 1616757780 1616757790 US$7,917 US$3,317
BLT 50-60HP
BLX 50-60HP
C90 Bearing/Direct Drive 1616757580 1616757590 US$7,917 US$3,841
GA18-26VSD+ Direct Drive 1616738280 16167382890 US$8,333 US$4,190
BLT40-50HP C80 Belt Driven 1616765180 1616765190 US$8,333 US$2,968
SF1-2 ATSL-140 Belt Driven 2236050000 US$10,417 US$4,889
C106 Belt Driven 1616646680 2989015800 US$10,417 US$4,016
SF4 8 11 15 18 ATSL-165E Belt Driven 2236050100 US$12,083 US$5,238
GA30-37-45-55C C106 Direct Drive 2989015900 US$12,917 US$4,103
LU55-75 BLT75-100HP C111 Belt Driven 1616740881 1616740891 US$12,917 US$4,889
GA37+-75 BLT75-100HP C111 Direct Drive 1616728180 1616728190 US$12,917 US$4,889
SF4 8 11 15 18 ATSL-1651E Belt Driven 2236050200 US$13,438 US$5,413
SF6+ Belt Driven 1616741883 US$15,000 US$8,171
XAS97-185 K-38 Direct Drive 1616719480 1616719490 US$15,521 US$6,984
GA55+-75+-90 BLT 120HP C146 Direct Drive 1616714683 1616714693 US$23,958 US$8,730
GA110/GA132-14 C146 Direct Drive 1616740990 1616740990 US$24,167 US$8,730
XAXS600/LUY160-17 C146 Direct Drive (diesel) 1616714682 1616714692 US$24,167 US$8,730
GA132-160-200-250 BLT200-250HP C190 Direct Drive 1616734582 1616734592 US$36,833 US$11,524
GA110-132-160-200-250-315 Old BLT200-250HP C168 Direct Drive 1616725681 1616725691 US$39,583 US$15,714
GA355-500 375/425/475HP C242(Old) Direct Drive 1616754080 1616754090 US$72,917 US$25,492
GA355-500 375/425/475HP C242(New) Direct Drive 1616754080 1616754090 US$72,917 US$25,492

Please send us your designated and correct Atlas Copco Air ends part numbers. We already listed the general air ends with the parts numbers, motor models, name plate numbers, drive mode, and the prices references. You can learn more about the Atlas Copco air end prices.Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC is a professional air compressor sales company based in Chengdu, some of our staff members have years experience working on selling compressors and spare parts for Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, BLT, Quincy, CP, etc. Our team have a strong sense of the whole China market prices for genuine parts and quality compressors, right now with our company’s own distribution network, we can assure overseas buyers better prices and more personalized one-on-one services. Thanks for entrusting on us. Stay in touch soon by email:

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