Siemens Modules Catalog 2024-2025 By China Supplier

Siemens Genuine Parts China Supplier

When you are looking for genuine Siemens modules or spares, feel free to contact China Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC for the great discount. Here CPMC would like to present you some common modules in the frequently updated catalog resources.

Current transformer cable cross-sections up to 6 mm2
10 or more switching devices
Medium and high pressure systems High and extra high pressure systems
BC1703 ACP/C (Compact) BC1703 ACP/M (Modular)
Connection method
LCD display
LED indicator
70 x 120 mm (W x H), 240 x 128 pixels
1 device ready indicator, 2 fault indicators (protection, control)
2 key switches (local/remote/test and lock/unlock)
Rear panel mount, flush mount or 19″
Optional installation at a distance of 3m from the mounting rack
Numeric keys for 0…9, decimal point and sign
Various function keys (select, command, cursor, etc.)
TOOLBOX II connector (TB) 1x D-SUB 9-pin
10 indicator lights for protection status, 9 indicator lights for monitoring status (freely programmable)
Background lighting automatically on/off using LEDs (yellow-green)
6DD1640-0AH0 I/O interface module (SM500) in stock
6DD1660-0BF0 模块 现货
6DD1660-0BG0 模块 现货
6DD1660-0BH0 模块 现货
6DD1661-0AE1 模块 现货
6DD1661-0AE0 以太网模板CP51M1 现货
6DD1681-0AG2 SB70接口模块 现货
6DD1681-0AJ1 SU12接口模块 现货
6DD1681-0EB3 SB61接口模块 现货
6DD1681-0GK0 SU13接口模块 现货
6DD1684-0GC0 SC62接口电缆 现货
6DD1681-0EB3 接口模板 SB61 现货
6DD1688-0AD0 通讯子模板 SS4 现货
6DD1681-0EA1 接口模板 SU11 现货、SIPROTEC 4
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1013-0CJ38-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1013-0CF51-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1013-0CF56-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1013-0CF57-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1011-0CF45-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1013-0AF51-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1211-0CJ60-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1211-2CJ60-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1102-0BC00-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1102-0CA81-0AA0
SIPROTEC 4 6MF1111-0AJ27-0AA0
6DD1681-0AJ1 接口模板SU12 现货
6DD1684-0AH0 连接线 现货
6DD1684-0BC0 模块SC12 现货
6DD1684-0BH2 模块SC17.2 现货
6DD1684-0EK0 模块SC49 现货
6DD1684-0FE0 模块SC45 现货
6DD1684-0FA0 连接线 现货
6DP1280-8BA 6DP3501-8AA 6DP1900-8AA
6DP1210-8CA 6DP1120-8AA 6DP1120-8BA
6DP1210-8BB 6DP1210-8BC 6DP1230-8CC
6DP1232-8BA 6DP1280-8AA 6DP1280-8AB
6DP1310-8AA 6DP1360-8BA 6DP1511-8AA
6DP1531-8AA 6DP1614-8BB 6DP1631-8AA
6DP1641-8AA 6DP1644-8BB 6DP1651-8AA
6DP1661-8AA 6DP1900-8AA 6DP2654-6BX21-2AA1
6DP3401-8AA00 6DP3500-8AA 6DP3501-8AA
6DP4430-1AD06 6DP9901-8AA00 6DP9902-8BA00
6DP9905-8AA01 6DS1322-8BA 6DS1322-8RR
6DS1332-8RR 6DS1411-8RR 6DS1412-8RR
6DS1703-8RR 6DS1703-8RR 6DS1717-8RR
7MB2337-0NG06-3PG1 SO2 NO 7MB2112-1BA60-6AA1
7MB2337-1AR06-3CP1 co,co2 7MB2061-1EA06-1AB1-Z-Y11
7MB2337-0AR10-3CP1 7MB2358-0AK06-3NW1
7MB2335-1NJ10-3AA1 7MB6221-2AB06-3CX1
7MB2024-0AA60-1CB1-Z=A26+A31 原位氧气7MB6221-2AC06-1CX1
7MB2337-1NG10-3PJ1 7MB2337-1AR06-3CP1
7MB2521-0AX06-1AB1-Z=A32+A31 H2 IN N2 7MB2338-1CB06-3AG1
7MB2337-0NG06-3PJ1 7MB2337-1NB06-3PE1
7MB2521-0AW06-1AA1 7MB2338-0AA06-3NG1
7MB2521-1AA06-1AA1 7MB2338-0AC06-3NH1
7MB2337-8AP06-3CP0 7MB2117-1ZN80-1BA1-ZE12+J1Y
7MB2337-0NF06-3PH1 7MB2023-0CA06-1CB1
7MB2338-0AK10-3NW1 U23 7MB2124-0AA06-0NB1
7MB2335-0PQ06-3AA1 no 7MB2111-0AV06-1AA3
7MB2121-0QA06-1AA1 ULTRAMAT 6E NH3 7MB2111-1CD60-6AA1
7MB2338-0AA06-3NH1 7MB2112-1BA60-6AA1
7MB2011-1AA06-1AA1 o6f 7MB2511-1AA06-1AA3
7MB2337-0NK10-3PK1 7MB2111-0AR06-1AA3
7MB2337-1NW10-3PW1 7MB2338-0AK06-3CK1
7MB2011-1EA06-3AA1 u6f 7mb2338-0dc06-3am1
7MB2111-1EP60-3AA1 u6f C2H2乙炔 7MB3020/7MB2621
7MB2121-0EV06-1AA1 C2H2 7MB2338-0AK06-3NG1
7MB2335-1AG06-3AA1 co 7MB2337-0NG06-3AU1
7MB2337-0AR06-3CQ1 co.co2 7MB2337-0NG06-3AG1
7MB2337-1PK10-3AM1 no,co 7MB2337-0AG06-3NG1
7MB2337-1NW06-3PW1 7MB2337-0AU06-3NG1
7MB2521-1AX01-1AA1 7MB2123-0CD06-1CQ1
7MB2521-0CA06-1AA1 7MB2337-0CG06-3CP1-ZC02
7MB2521-1AW06-1AA1 7MB2338-0CA06-3AG1
7MB2521-0AA01-1AA1 7MB2011-3CB06-0AA1-Z-Y11-E20-B01
7MB2511-1GA06-0AD1 7MB2011-3CB06-0AA1-ZY11-E20-B01
7MB2337-0AR06-3CR1-ZA12 7MB2335-0CH06-3AA1-ZC02
7MB2338-3AC10-3AE1-ZA13 7MB2338-0AA06-3NJ1
7MB2337-0AM06-3DN1 7MB2337-0AP06-3CQ1
7MB2337-0AN06-3CQ1 7MB2337-0AR10-3CQ1
7MB2338-0BA10-3DN0 7MB2123-0AM06-1PG1
7MB2335-0AF10-3AA1 7MB6121-0CA06-0XX1
7MB2338-0AA10-3NH1 7MB2335-0Pe06-3AA1
7MB2335-1AR10-3AA1 7MB2121-0NR41-1AA1
7MB2335-0AJ10-3AA1 co 7MB2121-0CB01-1AA1
7MB2335-0PK06-3AA1 no 7MB2337-0NB06-3NB1
7MB2335-0AQ10-3AA1 7MB2111-1CD60-6AA1
7MB2338-0BA06-3DM1 7MB2112-1BA60-6AA1
7MB2338-0AC06-3NH1 7MB2123-0AD06-1CD1
7MB2121-0CA06-1AA1 7MB2021-0AD06-1CD1
7MB2021-1CA06-1AA1 o6e 7MB2337-0AE06-3CP1-ZA33
7MB2335-0NH06-3AA1 7MB2337-0NB06-3PG1
7MB2337-4PG06-3PG1 7MB2123-0AA06-1CA1
7MB2123-1AB60-1CB1 u6 co 7MB2011-1AA06-1AA1-Z E20
7MB2123-1AA60-1CA1 7MB2337-0AG06-3PE1
7MB2123-0AD06-1AB1 co2 7MB2337-0AM06-3CL1
7MB2121-1AL06-1AA1 co 7MB2337-6AR06-3CR0
7MB2011-0CA06-1AA1 u6f 7MB2337-6AR06-3CR1
7MB2335-1CR10-3AA1 7MB2337-0PE06-5AD1
7MB2337-1NF06-3DJ1 7MB2121-0AV80-1AA1
7MB2123-0AD06-1AA1 7MB2337-4CR06-3CR1
7MB2121-1LK06-1AA1 C 4H10 7MB2337-0PE06-5AD1
7MB2111-1AB61-1BA1-Z=E20 7MB2621-1DD21-0XX1
7MB2337-1NW06-3PW1 7MB2621-1DD06-0XX1
7MB2124-0BA06-1WX1 co.co2 7MB2337-0AG06-3CJ1-ZC02
7MB2124-0BA06-1EW1 co.co2 7MB2335-0NK06-3AA1
7MB2335-0AE10-3AA1 7MB2337-0NW06-6CN1
7MB2121-1LJ06-1AA1 C 4H10 7MB2123-0ND06-1PE1
7MB2121-1AH06-1AA0 CO,0-1060-10606 7MB2337-4AU10-3PT1-ZD15
7MB2121-0SD06-1AA1 N2O 7MB2621-1DD06-0XX1
7SJ6825-5EW12-3FE0 7MB2337-0AE06-3CP1-ZA33
7MB2121-0SA06-1AA1 N2O 7MB2041-1AA10-1AA1
7MB2121-0PE06-0AA1-ZA31+A31 NO 7MB2338-0AD80-3NJ1
7MB2121-0AW01-1AA1 7MB2111-0CA06-1AA1-ZE20+Y13
7MB2121 7MB2112 7MB2337-0AW06-3CR1
7MB2111-0DF06-3AA1 co 7MB2011-0EA06-1AA1
7MB2111-1PE80-0BA1 no u6f 7MB2023-0EB40-1NR1
7MB2111-1PC80-0BA1 NO u6f 7MB2011-0EA06-1AA1-ZE20
7MB2521-1AA06-0AA1 c6 h2 7MB2337-0NU10-3PU1
7MB2111-0CA06-1AA1 co2 7MB2337-6NB06-3PE1
7MB6122-0WG06-0XX1 lds6 7MB2335-0NH06-3AA1
7MB2121-0CA06-1AA1 co 7MB2337-0AG06-3DH1
7MB2335-0AD10-3AA1 co 7MB2023-0EA06-1AV1
7MB2335-0CD10-3AA1 co2 7MB2023-0EA06-1AV1-ZY13
7MB2335-0DD10-3AA1 ch4 7MB2337-6NB10-3PE1
7MB2335-0FD10-3AA1 C2H4 7MB2547-0AN11-0AA1
7MB2335-0MD10-3AA1 C6H14正己烷 7MB2541-0AN11-0AA1
7MB2335-0ND10-3AA1 so2 7MB2531/7MB2537
7MB2335-0SD10-3AA1 N2O 7MB2338-0DC10-3NH1
7MB2024-0AA60-1CB1 CO2/CH4 7MB2337-8AG06-3CP1
7MB2335-0PD10-3AA1 NO 7MB2337-8AG06-3CP1
7MB2335-0UD10-3AA1 R22 7MB2111-0AW20-1AA1-ZY11-ZA11
7MB2521-0CB06-1AA1 c6 7MB2338-0BA06-3DN1
7MB2337-0AR06-3CR1 co.co2 7MB2337-0NK06-3PH1
7MB2335-0AR06-3AA1 co 7MB2337-0AP06-3DP1
7MB2511-0AA06-1AA1 c6f 7MB2338-0BB06-3DN1
7MB2335-0PE10-3AA1 7MB2111-1EP06-1AA1-ZE11
6DD1662-0AC0 7MB2011-1EA06-1AA1-ZE20
7MB2338-3BA06-3DR1 7MB2112-0BA06-1AA1
6DD1688-0AE2 7MB2338-3AK10-3NB1-ZA11
D2D146-AA02-22 7MB2338-2AK10-3NU1
7SD6101-5BD29-0BA0-M2G 7MB2338-0AK10-3NU1
7SJ6836-5EW91-3HE0-L0A 7MB2123-0AW06-1EW1
LD 6二极管激光光谱仪, 7MB2123-0AR06-1EP1
6DD1683-0CDO 49168 货期8周 7MB2123-0AB06-1EF1
6DP1210-8BB 现货 5806 7MB2121-0AT01-1AA1
7MB2121-0EV06-1AA1 C2H2 7MB2121-0CW21-1AA1
7MB2121-0DW06-1AA1 CH4 7MB2337-0AE10-3AK1
7MB2337-1NH06-3PW1 7MB2337-0AH06-3PG1
7MB2335-0PH06-3AA1 7MB2337-0PG06-3AH1
7MB2335-0AL06-3AA1 CO 7MB2335-8DL06-3AA1
7MB2335-0AN06-3AA1 co 7MB2338-0BJ80-3NH1
7MB2335-0AG10-3AA1 co 7MB2335-0PG80-3AA1
7MB2335-0AH10-3AA1 co 7MB2338-2AK10-3NT1
7MB2335-0AJ10-3AA1 co 7MB2338-2AK10-3NT1
7MB2335-0AK06-3AA1 CO 7MB2337-0AG06-3CN1
7MB2335-0AD06-3AA1 7MB2123-0AB06-1CA1
7MB2335-0AM06-3AA1 7MB2111-0AC60-1AA1
7MB2335-0AP06-3AA1 7MB2023-0EA06-0NR1
7MB2335-0AQ06-3AA1 7MB2023-0EA06-0NS1
7MB2335-0AR06-3AA1 7MB2337-0AD06-3PE1

Founded in 1847, Siemens AG is a global leader in electronic and electrical engineering. Currently, Siemens is the world’s number one automation company in the industrial automation control (industrial control) industry. In 2014, after selling its shares in BSH, Siemens completely withdrew from the home appliance field and focused on electrification, automation and digitalization.

Digitalization is one of Siemens’ three major future development directions, and Siemens regards digitalization as its main growth area in the future. Siemens digital enterprise solutions cover industrial software, industrial communications, industrial information security and data-based services.

Siemens digital enterprise solutions cover industrial software, industrial communications, industrial information security and data-based services.

The widely used industrial control products of Siemens industrial automation control include “PLC, frequency converter, touch screen, module, sensor, low voltage device, servo motor, industrial computer”, etc. The nine major businesses are power generation and natural gas, wind power and renewable energy, energy management, building technology, transportation, digital factory, process industry and drive, medical and financial services.

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