1622311033-1622311034 Atlas Copco Gear Motor Set

Gear Motor-Genuine Atlas Copco Spare Parts Catalog Parts Numbers List
  • 1622311033-1622311034 Atlas Copco Gear Motor Set
  • Part Name: Gear Motor Set Shaft  
  • Application: Atlas Copco Air Compressor C111
  • Part Number: 1622311033+1622311034
  • Price Range: US$750 – US$1500
  • Supplier: Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC, China Exporter
  • Contact: sales@aircompressorstrade.com
  • Phone (WeChat, WhatsApp, Mobile): +86-18080158435
Atlas air compressor gear (PN:1622311033, PN:1622311034) the gear set refers to a small system formed by a combination of gears of different sizes, and all gears maintain the same rotation speed (linear speed). They are mainly used to transmit torque, change speed and change the direction of torque.

Atlas Copco Gear Motor Set Working Principle

When the designed gear transmission works under unstable load or the two meshing gears are all hard tooth surfaces (HB>350), in order to make the failure not concentrated on certain gear teeth and scrap it in advance, one of them should be used Any tooth of a gear has a chance of meshing with any tooth of another gear that meshes, and the chances are equal. In this case, the selection principle of the gear ratio is: the teeth of the two gears are mutually prime. Generally, the common divisor of the number of teeth of adjacent gears is required to be as small as possible, so that the deformation on one tooth can be evenly ground to as many teeth as possible.

Genuine Atlas Copco Spare Parts Numbers Catalog

The meshing process of the gear is not only affected by the load distribution of the tooth profile, but also by the load distribution of the tooth direction. In gear processing, the matching grinding process is often used to compensate for the deviations caused by manufacturing and installation errors to ensure that the gears are evenly contacted along the tooth width under normal temperature and no-load conditions. In the actual gear modification process, the key is to distinguish which deformations can be Ignore, and which deformations must be analyzed.

Although the application technology of the meshing gear set of the machine tool gearbox is relatively mature, the meshing gear set will experience gear wear with the increase of working time, mainly including the contact fatigue wear of the tooth surface and the bending fatigue wear of the tooth root, resulting in a long service life of the gear Shorten.

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