Atlas Copco ZR/ZT 110-275 (FF) & ZR/ZT 132-315 VSD (FF) Spare Parts List

Atlas ZT ZR air compressor Oil Free

Atlas Copco is renowned for designing and manufacturing some of the most durable oil-free screw compressors.The ZR/ZT high-end rotary screw compressor comes out of this strong tradition. Ideal for industries where high-quality oil-free air is key, the ZR/ZT offers the highest reliability and safety in combination with low energy costs.

100% CERTIFIED OIL-FREE AIR, great for food & beverage, textiles,  oil and gas

  • 100% pure, clean, oil-free air for all kinds of applications (e.g. fermentation, packaging, aeration, transportation, filling & capping, cleaning, instrument air).
  • ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) certification to avoid compromising the purity of your end product and ensure zero risk of contamination.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • A completely, fully integrated, ready-to-use solution.
  • Years of experience in providing compressed air for the oil & gas industry.
  • 100% oil-free compressed air for control/instrument air or buffer air.
  • Strong global support network to provide 24/7 assistance.
  • Ideal for applications such as flue gas desulphurization, oxidation air, and fluidized beds.
    Continuous operation.


Oil-free air is used in all kinds of industries where air quality is paramount for the end product and production process.These applications include food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, semiconductor and electronics, the medical sector, automotive paint spraying, textile and many more. In these critical environments, contamination by even the smallest quantities of oil can result in costly production downtime and product spoilage.

First in oil-free air technology

Over the past sixty years Atlas Copco has pioneered the development of oil-free air technology, resulting in a range
of air compressors and blowers that provide 100% pure, clean air. Through continuous research and development, Atlas Copco achieved a new milestone, setting the standard for air purity
as the first manufacturer to be awarded CLASS 0 certification.

Eliminating any risk

As the industry leader committed to meeting the needs of the most demanding customers, Atlas Copco requested the renowned TÜV institute to type-test its range of oil-free compressors and blowers. Using the most rigorous testing methodologies available, all possible oil forms were measured across a range of temperatures and pressures.TheTÜV found no traces of oil at all in the output air stream.


Over 80% of a compressor’s lifecycle cost is taken up by the energy it consumes. Moreover, the generation of compressed air can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill.To cut your energy costs, Atlas Copco pioneered Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology in the compressed air industry. VSD leads to major energy savings, while protecting the environment for future generations.Thanks to continual investments in this technology, Atlas Copco offers the widest range of integrated VSD compressors on the market.

GA90VSDFF Atlas Copco Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co CPMC

What is unique about the integrated Atlas Copco VSD?

The Elektronikon® controls both the compressor and the integrated converter, ensuring maximum machine safety within parameters.
Flexible pressure selection from 4 to 10.4 bar with VSD reduces electricity costs.
Specific converter and motor design (with protected bearings) for the highest efficiency across the speed range.
Electric motor specifically designed for low operating speeds with clear attention to motor cooling and compressor cooling requirements.
All Atlas Copco VSD compressors are EMC tested and certified. Compressor operation does not influence external sources and vice versa.
Mechanical enhancements ensure that all components operate below critical vibration levels throughout the entire compressor speed range.
A highly efficient frequency converter in a cubicle ensures stable operation in high ambient temperatures up to 50°C/122°F (standard up to 40°C/104°F).
No ‘speed windows’ that can jeopardize the energy savings and the stable net pressure.Turndown capability of the compressor is maximized to 70-75%.
Net pressure band is maintained within 0.10 bar, 1.5 psi.

Atlas Copco ZR/ZT 110-275 (FF) & ZR/ZT 132-315 VSD (FF) Spare Parts List with Part numbers

1900-0710-32 Atlas CopcoElektronikon Mark IV Compressor Controller 24 V AC /50/60HZ /22VA Relay:250Vac/16Amax
1900-0710-82 Atlas Copco  Regulator  5 Vdc 100 mA
1089-0574-70 Atlas Copco Temperature Element ( sensor )  two wire – PT 1000 ( JUMO part no :902004/10 )
1089 0574 49 Atlas Copco Temperature Element
1089 0574 40 Atlas Copco Temperature Element
1622 0663 03 Cable connection for temperature sensor
1089 0575 64 Pressure Transducer Torque Pressure :40 Nm Max  0…17 bar. ¼ NPT cable wire Part 1621 3951 00
1089 0575 65   Atlas Copco  Pressure transducer
1089 0575 74 Atlas Copco  Pressure transducer
1089 0575 54 Atlas Copco  Pressure transducer
1089 0575 55 Atlas Copco  Pressure transducer
1089 0575 56 Atlas Copco  Pressure transducer
1089-0428-14 Atlas Copco Solenoid Valve  G .125  PN 0-16 bar 24 V AC/DC  8 W
1089-9439-21 Atlas Copco Solenoid Valve  G 1/4  PN 0-16 bar 230V AC  50-60Hz 8W
1089 0640 41 Atlas Copco Solenoid Valve
1089 0621 01 Atlas Copco Solenoid Valve
1089 0659 54 Atlas Copco  level switch RC   9- 36 V dc   ¼ NPT
8301 0082 30 Atlas Copco  Pressure Safety Valve S 245BFO-1 1/2” PN 40″ SV 05- 340 32   D/G : 0.73  Set:  3.7 Bar
1900 0710 12 Atlas CopcoElektronikon II  Controller 24 V AC /50/60HZ /16VA – Relay:250Vac/16Amax
1900 0710 52 Atlas Copco  AIE2 REGULATOR 5 Vdc 100 mA
8204 0941 09 Metal Work needle valve series RFL   9041002  Pneumatic Flow Control Check Valve 10Bar NMP G 1
1089 0668 03 Atlas Copco  solenoid valve( ASCO Catalogue No:5CXG325B006) 24 V AC 50/60 HZ 12 V dC 5W  G 1/8

Atlas Copco Air Compressor Dealer in China

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC is Chengdu based Atlas Copco Air compressor distribution network. We work closely with China domestic distributors and dealers and factories! Thus we are confident to provide all kinds of genuine parts for Atlas Copco Air compressors, if you have your own purchase list with all parts numbers, and/or compressors name plate, please email us and we will work out the quotation to you asap. Please be noted that, some of the genuine spare parts may have different and new part numbers, and some are even not available for every because there are new alternative products.

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