Why is it So Important to have Temperature Control Valve for Air Compressor?

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The temperature control valve of the screw air compressor is installed between the machine head and the oil and gas separation barrel, on the side of the oil filter. The temperature control valve has a total of three oil pipes, one is connected to the oil and gas separation barrel, one is connected to the oil filter, and the other is connected to the cooler. When the lubricating oil comes in, according to the oil temperature, the valve core will automatically expand and contract, so that the lubricating oil enters the oil filter for filtering or enters the cooler for cooling. What are the consequences if the screw air compressor does not require a temperature control valve and does not install it?

What harm will the screw air compressor have if there is no temperature control valve?

1. The temperature control valve of the air compressor plays a role of thermostatic control. If the temperature control valve is missing, it will cause the air compressor to trip at high temperature.

2. The temperature control valve is a component that controls the flow of lubricating oil. If the action is not in place, the temperature of the unit may be too high or too low.

3. Without a temperature control valve, the temperature of the air compressor lubricating oil will rise after working, and the high-temperature oil will circulate to the lubrication system for continued use. The oil temperature will continue to rise, speeding up the deterioration of the oil, increasing the equipment load and friction loss Seriously, shorten the life of the equipment; increase the work of the cooler, increase the power consumption, increase the operating cost, and waste energy.

If the screw air compressor is not equipped with a temperature control valve, it will cause a lot of problems, which will seriously affect the performance and working conditions of the air compressor. The cost required is more than the cost of the temperature control valve. If you are looking original thermal valve, learn more “Genuine Thermostat Valve by Reliable China Distribution Network“.

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