ST45 ST55 & ST75 Sullair Air Compressor Spear Parts Catalog 2022

ST45 ST55 & ST75 Sullair Air Compressor Spear Parts Catalog 2022

In this post, CPMC China is glad to present you with the ST45 ST55 & ST75 Sullair Air Compressor Spear Parts Catalog 2022 for Sullair Air Compressors. Every day, these Air Compressors Parts are in high demand, and we often receive genuine parts prices inquiry from our international buyers. You may need to provide us with a picture of your air compressor’s nameplate, series number, etc if you can’t find your Air Compressors part numbers. In our role as a Reliable China Air Compressor Distribution network serving original spare parts, CPMC (China Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC) will always strive to offer our customers FANTASTIC prices. It’s better than any kind of 3rd party platform like Alibaba, Amazon, etc.

ST45 ST55 & ST75 Sullair Air Compressor Spear Parts Catalog 


Part Number Sullair  Discription
250025-526 Sullair Element for compressor fluid filter
88290002-337 Sullair Element for heavy duty primary air filter 88290002-207
88290002-338 Sullair Element for heavy duty secondary air filter 88290002-207
250042-862 Sullair Primary element for fluid/air separator
02250061-137 Sullair Secondary element for fluid/air separator
88290023-113 Sullair Repair kit for inlet valve 88291006-019
88290023-114 Sullair Maintenance kit for inlet valve 88291006-019
88291010-178 Sullair Repair kit for pneumatic control integrated block in the air inlet valve control component assembly 
88291010-175 Sullair capacity adjustment
88291010-180 Sullair Repair kit for solenoid valve in the air inlet valve control component assembly 
88291010-175 Sullair capacity adjustment
250019-453 Sullair Repair kit for pressure regulator 250017-280
88290018-146 Sullair Repair kit for minimum pressure valve 242405
49542 Sullair Repair kit for thermal valve
02250117-782 Sullair Repair kit for purge oil return line filter
02250050-364 Sullair Repair kit for shaft seal
88290003-322 Sullair Element, coupling 88290003-312
88290003-326 Sullair Element, coupling 88290003-311/88290007-806
250022-669 Sullair Fluid, Sullube® (5 gallons)
250022-670 Sullair Fluid, Sullube® (55 gallons)
02250155-285 Sullair Isolator
829108-150 Sullair Bolt
837808-125 Sullair Washer
See Air End List Sullair Compressor Unit
88290002-205 Sullair Adapter
88290002-206 Sullair Net Hood
88290003-311 Sullair Coupling
88290003-312 Sullair Coupling
88290007-806 Sullair Coupling
See Motor List Sullair Motor
88290020-282 Sullair Isolator
88291005-892 Sullair Frame
88291005-932 Sullair Supporting Plate
88811112-050 Sullair Bolt
88811112-060 Sullair Bolt
88812110-020 Sullair Full Thread Bolt
88812112-025 Sullair Full Thread Bolt
88812116-045 Sullair Full Thread Bolt
88813108-016 Sullair Flange Bolt
88831110-020 Sullair Flat Washer
88831112-025 Sullair Flat Washer
88831116-030 Sullair Flat Washer
88832110-026 Sullair Spring Washer
88832112-031 Sullair Spring Washer
88832116-041 Sullair Spring Washer
88833112-033 Sullair Large Flat Washer
88290020-389 Sullair Motor Hole Sleeve
88290021-292 Sullair Air End Support
88290020-494 Sullair Primary Cable Jacket
88290020-284 Sullair Air End Mounting Plate
02250061-835 Sullair Elbow
408153 Sullair Clamp
829108-150 Sullair Bolt
837808-125 Sullair Washer
88290002-207 Sullair Air Filter
88290002-208 Sullair Clamp
88290004-147 Sullair Washer
88291010-175 Sullair Air Inlet Valve Control Component Assembly
88291007-195 Sullair Support
88811110-070 Sullair Bolt
88812110-025 Sullair Full Thread Bolt
88821110-084 Sullair Nut
88831110-020 Sullair Flat Washer
88832110-026 Sullair Spring Washer
88290005-222 Sullair Adjustable Rectangle Joint
88290001-578 Sullair Joint
88290023-074 Sullair Differential Pressure Switch Fluid filter Holder Integration
250025-526 Sullair Fluid Filter Element
88290005-223 Sullair Straight Joint
88291009-572 Sullair Fluid Supply Pipe
88291008-555 Sullair Fluid Inlet Pipe
88291006-078 Sullair External Joint
88842035-037 Sullair O-Ring
88842026-025 Sullair O-Ring
88832110-026 Sullair Spring Washer
88818210-040 Sullair Socket Head Cap Screw
02250101-372 Sullair Seal Ring
88291008-556 Sullair Fluid Outlet Pipe
02250112-477 Sullair Valve seat
88813106-016 Sullair Flange Bolt
826502-144 Sullair O-Ring
88851035-058 Sullair Clip
49542 Sullair Thermal Valve Element
87250009-396 Sullair Sullube® Cooling & Lubricating Fluid (gal)
02250075-404 Sullair Protection Net
241079 Sullair Protection Net
241908 Sullair Fan
02250119-485 Sullair Fan
49971 Sullair Fan
88290004-417 Sullair Motor
88290004-944 Sullair Motor
88290007-748 Sullair Motor
88290007-733 Sullair Motor
88290002-587 Sullair Motor Fixing Support
88290002-209 Sullair Motor Fixing Support
88290006-718 Sullair Motor Fixing Support
88290007-268 Sullair Motor Fixing Support
88290006-321 Sullair Air Guide Cylinder
88290006-322 Sullair Air Guide Cylinder
88290006-719 Sullair Air Guide Cylinder
88291006-030 Sullair Air Guide Hood
88291006-088 Sullair Fluid Air Cooler
88291006-995 Sullair Fluid Air Cooler
88811110-040 Sullair Bolt
88813108-016 Sullair Flange Bolt
88813108-020 Sullair Flange Bolt
88813108-025 Sullair Flange Bolt
88821110-084 Sullair Nut
88822108-076 Sullair Flange Nut
88831108-016 Sullair Flat Washer
88832108-021 Sullair Spring Washer
88832110-026 Sullair Spring Washer
88833110-027 Sullair Large Flat Washer
88842035-023 Sullair O-Ring
88290002-688 Sullair Half Flange
88290002-435 Sullair Female Thread Ball Valve
88290002-836 Sullair Oil Plug
88842026-051 Sullair O-Ring
88290001-219 Sullair Sight Glass
88842035-047 Sullair O-Ring
88290001-031 Sullair Fluid Filler Cap
250042-862 Sullair Primary Fluid/Air separator element
88871008-044 Sullair Internal Joint
88291008-550 Sullair Fluid/Air Separator Tank
20169 Sullair Joint
810504-025 Sullair Elbow
841215-004 Sullair Stainless Steel Pipe (FT)
02250101-490 Sullair Joint
02250117-782 Sullair Filtering Joint
02250126-129 Sullair Sight Glass
88831112-025 Sullair Flat Washer
88832112-031 Sullair Spring Washer
88811112-030 Sullair Bolt
837808-125 Sullair Washer
828408-150 Sullair Bi-Hexagonal Head Bolt
88811112-060 Sullair Bolt
88842035-069 Sullair O-Ring
88842035-075 Sullair O-Ring
88290005-474 Sullair Connection Base
88834233-027 Sullair Combined Gasket
88291006-621 Sullair Discharge Pipe
88290002-637 Sullair Pipe Board
88832108-021 Sullair Spring Washer
88813108-025 Sullair Flange Bolt
02250125-776 Sullair Orifice
02250125-775 Sullair Orifice
88290005-468 Sullair Relief Valve
88290005-472 Sullair Relief Valve
02250061-137 Sullair Secondary Fluid/Air separator element
860704-025 Sullair Elbow
869825-025 Sullair Tee Joint
810104-025 Sullair Joint
88291009-260 Sullair External Joint
88291006-087 Sullair Moisture Separator
242405 Sullair Minimum pressure valve
88290005-230 Sullair Adjustable Rectangle Joint
88290001-541 Sullair Joint
88290005-231 Sullair Joint
88291006-622 Sullair Air Inlet Pipe
88842035-065 Sullair O-Ring
88842026-042 Sullair O-Ring
88842035-045 Sullair O-Ring
88291007-773 Sullair Adjustable Rectangle Joint
02250054-861 Sullair Nylon Conduit (FT)
02250099-626 Sullair Elbow
02250099-630 Sullair Nylon Conduit (FT)
241771 Sullair Filtering Screen
250003-869 Sullair Indicator
250018-427 Sullair Straight Joint
250018-429 Sullair Elbow
250023-496 Sullair Joint
807600-005 Sullair Reducing Joint
807602-010 Sullair Reducing Joint
868504-025 Sullair Joint
88290002-119 Sullair Oil-Filling Pressure Gauge
88290002-284 Sullair Adapter
88290002-732 Sullair Plastic-Coated Hose (MT)
88290002-748 Sullair Plastic-Coated Metal Hose Connector
88290002-751 Sullair Adapter
88290002-754 Sullair Adapter
88290014-514 Sullair Pressure Transducer
88290021-801 Sullair Joint
88290021-986 Sullair Temperature Sensor
88290022-463 Sullair Cable Jacket
88291006-109 Sullair Electric Control Panel Assembly
88291006-110 Sullair Electric Control Panel Assembly
88291006-111 Sullair Electric Control Panel Assembly
88291008-467 Sullair Electric Control Panel Assembly
88291008-468 Sullair Electric Control Panel Assembly
88291008-469 Sullair Electric Control Panel Assembly
88812110-020 Sullair Full Thread Bolt
88821104-032 Sullair Nut
88831110-020 Sullair Flat Washer
88832110-026 Sullair Spring Washer
88290002-774 Sullair Cable(MT)
88290002-775 Sullair Cable(MT)
88290002-836 Sullair Plug
823202-000 Sullair Joint
88813108-016 Sullair Flange Bolt
88291010-070 Sullair Control Panel
88818004-012 Sullair Screw
88832104-011 Sullair Spring Washer
02250048-520 Sullair Plastic Cap
02250151-635 Sullair Door Gasket
250022-436 Sullair Sealing Strip (FT)
88291006-073 Sullair Pillar D
88291006-077 Sullair Angle Plate A
88291010-323 Sullair Angle Plate C
88291010-321 Sullair Angle Plate B
88291008-636 Sullair Beam C
88291009-416 Sullair Beam B
88291009-417 Sullair Door A
88291009-418 Sullair Door B
88291009-419 Sullair Door C
88291009-420 Sullair Beam A
88291009-421 Sullair Pillar B
88291009-423 Sullair Beam E
88291010-069 Sullair Pillar C
88291010-071 Sullair Beam D
88291010-072 Sullair Top Plate B
88291010-074 Sullair Door D
88291010-292 Sullair Top Plate A
88813108-012 Sullair Flange Bolt
88813108-016 Sullair Flange Bolt
88291012-890 Sullair Pillar A
88290013-683 Sullair Nameplate
88290013-723 Sullair Rivet
02250055-340 Sullair Electric shock warning decal
02250055-348 Sullair Hoisting position decal
02250059-363 Sullair Auto start/stop warning decal
02250055-330 Sullair Rotation direction decal
02250055-341 Sullair Grounding decal
88291011-924 Sullair ST4508 decal
88291011-923 Sullair ST5508 decal
88291011-898 Sullair ST7508 decal
88291011-895 Sullair SULLAIR LOGO decal
88291011-897 Sullair SULLAIR LOGO decal
02250155-495 Sullair Website decal
02250055-712 Sullair Warning decal
02250210-813 Sullair 10Year warranty decal
02250055-346 Sullair Food warning decal
02250055-343 Sullair Respiration warning decal
02250055-342 Sullair Oil filling port warning decal
02250055-338 Sullair High pressure risk decal
02250060-134 Sullair Initial start label
88290016-067 Sullair Voltage warning component
02250069-389 Sullair Oil reminder decal
02250210-814 Sullair 10Year Warranty decal
88290003-912 Sullair Motor 45kW 380-415V 50Hz IP23
88290007-737 Sullair Motor 45kW 230/460V 60Hz IP23
88290006-758 Sullair Motor 55kW 380-415V 50Hz IP23
88290007-738 Sullair Motor 55kW 230/460V 60Hz IP23
88290004-856 Sullair Motor 75kW 380-415V 50Hz IP23
88290007-739 Sullair Motor 75kW 230/460V 60Hz IP23
88250125-942 Sullair Air End ST4508 50Hz
88290009-321 Sullair Air EndST4508 60Hz
88250120-601 Sullair Air EndST5508 50Hz
88250146-440 Sullair Air End ST5508 60Hz
88250118-613 Sullair Air End ST7508 50Hz
88290009-322 Sullair Air End ST7508 60Hz

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