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A dew point meter is used in compressed air systems to ensure the air quality which is used in the production and throughout all the processes in a factory. Not only protecting equipment and keeping the air quality at a certain level, but also for air quality audits according to ISO 8573-1 and ISO 8573-3 a dew point meter is absolutely necessary. A dew point meter typically outputs the pressure dew point of the compressed air, besides that humidity and temperature are measured as well. 

SUTO Dew Point Meters can offer users precise and reliable measurement solutions for compressed air. With SUTO – ITEC engineers’ more than 2 decades of experiences in developing dew point meters, SUTO takes pride in providing high quality Dew Point Meters and also great prices. Based in China, with our extensive supply chain on all sorts of Genuine products in compressed air industry, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC service team will be able to offer you China local fantastic prices for all sorts of SUTO measurement products.

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