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Founded in 1999, Sichuan Chengdu Herotools is a famous enterprise specializing in woodworking tools industry in China. Sichuan HEROTOOLS company has around 200 distributors nationwide and large customers from USA, Canada,Germany,UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweeden, Grace,South Africa,Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc. The Israel Dimar, German Leuco and Taiwan Arden are just a few of our many international partners. Since COVID-19, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. (CPMC), has been authorised as the main online distributor for international market, because of CPMC’S professional internet marketing and sales support, CPMC will be the leading resource of our tools of blades. For the herotools, worldwide wholesalers and/or retailers can expect faster response and cheaper prices from CPMC than purchasing from anywhere else online.

After 20 years efforts and experiences, our own brands HERO,LILT, AUK,SLILT get more and more popular both from home and abroad. We have a wide varieties of saw blades, drill bits, planer knives, finger joint cutter, router bits and profile cutters,PCD saw blades, etc. Learn more about CPMC.

CPMC Explained the Types of Woodworking Tools and The Applications

Woodworking Cutting Tools of Blade 09

As growing to be a large online distributor based in China, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.(CPMC) has a wide scope of working experiences in air compressors, woodworking tools industry and China/Tibet inbound tourism, each and everyone of our staff has rich life stories and comprehensive experiences in working in factories, marketing, Alibaba & Made-in-China international trade online sales constancy, inbound tourism sales consultancy, etc.

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