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V-belts are the oldest and most commonly used transmission belt types in the industry, so they are often referred to as “classic”. The timing belt, also known as a timing belt, a positive transmission belt or a high torque transmission belt, was later designed to include the notch or tooth-shaped function that requires the installation of a sprocket.
Synchronous belts have various advantages that standard V-belts cannot provide.

Get Timing Belts / V Belts with CPMC China, Save Money, Energy & Avoid Hassles

To choose genuine high quality timing belts can improve your belt drive system. To purchase “Timing belts or V-Belts” with CPMC China, we help your esteemed company save import cost, while in the mean time, you will expect the five main advantages as below, however for which one to choose, please consider your company’s power transmission capabilities and overall operating goals.

  • 1. Eliminate Maintenance Hassles
  • 2. Increase Efficiency
  • 3. Increase Energy Savings
  • 4. Accommodate For Space Constraints
  • 5. Switch To A Higher Horsepower Application
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