In many cases, there’s no need to replace the entire compressor but simply the core component – the screw element. In our spare parts depot we stock a vast selection of air ends which are refurbished by our service technicians in our in-house workshop. They are sold with a comprehensive guarantee. On request we can check the availability of air ends to suit your particular compressor. Simply contact us by phone or email or complete our enquiry form.

Buy Second Hand Air Ends with Good Condition from CPMC China, Save HUGE!

Please be noted that, every year there are many second hand air ends dealers from countries like Pakistan, Russia, Iran, etc importing top brands air ends from China. They refurbish the air ends which are overall with good condition and finally these air ends sell  high prices in the market. However if you book with (The direct distribution network of Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC), you will save up to 70%.

First Come-First Served Note: The pictures and the parts numbers are just for reference. All our second hand air ends are in high demand. Customers should send us inquiry for their most-wanted model of air end, and we will try to sort out the best match from our warehouse stocks.