Why Choose Atlas Copco Original Parts from China Air Compressors Trade?

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Why choose Atlas Copco air compressor genuine spare parts from China? And why it is important to partner with China Air Compressors Trade? Many international buyers feel too complicated or difficult to import Atlas Copco Compressors and parts from China. Well, here, let the official and registered air compressors service company Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC (online brand: Air Compressors Trade) answer the questions.

China Air Compressors Trade Has Company Owned Promotion Network rather than relying on third party B2B platform!

Firstly, we have our own network (Air Compressors Trade: www.aircompressorstrade.com) for distribution. This is different from any other Chinese middle handlers on Alibaba.com, AliExpress, Globalsources, Made-in-China, etc.

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  • Number one: As is known to all insiders that, all those third party platform charge up to 5000-20000 USD annual store leasing fee. But hundreds of Chinese compressors dealers have no choices because most of them are lack of English language skills, international standard websites construction ability, international and cross cultural exchange ability.
  • Number two: As lots and lots of middle handlers join to the namely giant B2B platforms like above, and each of them post thousands of listings, and most of the listings have VERY LOW QUALITY items not only from the website page content point of view but also from the item’s quality of view. Almost all of them just copy and paste from each other. So the competition is EXTREMELY HOT. Then the third party platforms require the vendors to invest HUGE Advertisement fee (2000-4000 USD monthly) to rank their products. As some of our insiders who worked in the past on Alibaba platform for few compressors dealers based in Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuxi, or Dongguan, Guangdong, our team know this secret very well.
  • Number three: The middle handlers on third party platforms have to hire few SEO Employees but most of these SEO people even have never heard about or never have google tech skills at all. So most air compressors middle handlers on Alibaba, or Globalsources, Made-in-China invest around 50,000 to 100,000 USD annually and this money easily go to platforms.
  • Number four: All the middle handers on B2B platforms above also have to be charged around 4-10% from each and every transaction online, meanwhile buyers also have to pay around 2% more or less. So to our point of view, international buyers had better avoid those middle handlers.
  • Number five: due to the extreme competition, most of the air compressors middle handlers on Alibaba can not provide genuine original compressors parts with good prices at all because their unnecessary big spending comes from customers but goes to B2B platform. If you spend MUCH of your precious time bargaining from most of them via Alibaba Messenger, finally it is VERY likely you purchased FAKE and LOW or POOR Quality Replacement Parts, if you are retailer or wholesalers in your country, you will lose your customers sooner or later.

Genuine Original Atlas Copco Air Compressors Parts are not produced by any of the middle handlers on B2B platforms.

Secondly, Genuine parts come from one place but not from many “Fake but Namely manufactures on Alibaba” This is totally true because, how possible can a small or even “Big” company in China produce the HIGH Quality “Original” Atlas Copco Compressors parts? The answer is “NO”. The funny point is that, almost 90% of the middle handlers on platform like Alibaba.com claim themselves to be air compressors manufactures and/or trade companies. This is REALY fraudulent. As insiders, we know that many middle handlers do not have factories at all, all their factories pictures are NOT true but FAKE. However Atlas Copco Air Compressors Group do have lots of provincial distributors throughout whole China (Except for Tibet), and a few of them have great prices because of large quantity of purchase especially for stationary air compressors parts. So we can say that, the Atlas Copco Genuine original parts anywhere in China come from ONLY “ONE” – the Atlas Copco Headquarter company itself. Never believe the “Manufactures” on Alibaba for world Giants compressors brands.

But USING Genuine Original Atlas Copco Air Compressors Parts is IMPORTANT.

Thirdly, Genuine air compressor parts are specially designed for compressors. By maintaining the integrity of the system, they can ensure that the equipment reaches the expected level of performance. Anti-counterfeiting query of genuine compressor spare parts. If you focus on products quality to keep your business long run, it is critical to recommend your customers to use original parts. While, Atlas Copco has giant production plant in China, serving the neighboring countries like Thailand, South Korea, Russia, Middle East, Australia and many other countries even like USA, Canada, South American countries. China does have price advantages.


Why you should import Genuine Atlas Copco Air Compressors and original parts from China Air Compressors Trade Service.

  • Atlas Copco products price in China is cheaper. AircompressorsTrade.Com Company has own international distribution website, but not relying on third party platform like Alibaba or AliExpress, Made-in-China etc. So our prices are EVEN BETTER.
  • Air Compressors Trade has unbeatable prices because we Do Not take your money to pay to third party middle handlers.
  • Air Compressors Trade company has strong supply chain for Atlas Copco Genuine Parts and our prices are better than any of those middle handlers on Alibaba, Globalsources, Made-in-China or Shopify, etc.
  • We cherish your valuable time and provide efficient one on one services via email consultancy.
  • Timely delivery of required replacement parts: We provide quick and reliable international delivery by air, sea or China-Europe trains. Parts will need to be replaced regularly. As an air compressor experienced manufacture,  Atlas Copco knows exactly which parts and when need to be replaced. We can pack the required parts into a single package or a maintenance package and send it to you to help you save time and resources.

About China Air Compressors Trade

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.CPMC is specialized in selling all kinds of world class screw air compressors such as Atlas Copco, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, Quincy and Chicago Pneumatic, Jaguar Air Compressors, etc, and the related Genuine Original parts, air filters, oil filters, air-oil separators, lubricating oil, service maintenance kit, intake valve (unloader), check valve, minimum pressure valve, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, fan, fan motors, fan assembly, air coolers, inline filters, Air-net piping and fittings, woodworking tools of blades, knives, etc. CPMC is a wholesale online store in China offering BETTER prices. We always strive to work for customers’s satisfaction. To learn more, just check further about China Air Compressors Services.

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