PCD Diamond Saw Blades Cutting Aluminum China Wholesale Price

PCD diamond carbide tipped cutting tools for aluminum factory price

Welcome to Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co online store!  Our PCD Diamond blades have teeth made of Polycrystalline Diamond which is an important material to improve the service life. Please add us to your list of favorite sellers and visit often. 

Herotools-PCD Saw Blade Direct Supplier by CPMC China

  • Brand: Hero (HEROTOOL)
  • Diameter: 305 mm to 600mm
  • Teeth Count: 120 Teeth and 144 Teeth
  • Plate Thickness: 3.8mm, 4.0mm, 4.4mm, 4.8mm
  • Bore: 25.4 mm and 30mm
  • Quality Level: Standard and Longevity
Series Model
PCD Aluminum Cut
PCD Diamond Saw Blade Cutting Aluminum
Teeth Stying Unit Market
Price USD
Price USD
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD01 305*120T*3.0*25.4-BT  305 12.017 120T 3.0 25.4 BT Pcs US$444.13 US$333.2
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD02 355*120T*3.2*25.4-BT  355 13.987 120T 3.2 25.4 BT Pcs US$475.87 US$357.0
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD03 400*120T*3.8*30-BT K5(standard)  400 15.76 120T 3.8 30 K5 Pcs US$495.24 US$371.4
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD04 400*120T*3.8*30-BT T9 (longevity)  400 15.76 120T 3.8 30 T9 Pcs US$602.86 US$452.2
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD05 450*120T*4.0*30-BT K5(standard)  450 17.73 120T 4.0 30 K5 Pcs US$507.62 US$380.8
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD06 450*120T*4.0*30-BT T9(longevity)  450 17.73 120T 4.0 30 T9 Pcs US$634.60 US$476.0
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD07 500*120T*4.4*30-BT K5(Standard)  500 19.7 120T 4.4 30 K5 Pcs US$528.89 US$396.7
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD08 500*120T*4.4*30-BT T9(longevity)  500 19.7 120T 4.4 30 T9 Pcs US$634.60 US$476.0
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD09 550*120T*4.4*30-BT K5(Standard)  550 21.67 120T 4.4 30 K5 Pcs US$634.60 US$476.0
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD10 550*120T*4.4*30-BT T9(longevity)  550 21.67 120T 4.4 30 T9 Pcs US$729.84 US$547.5
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD11 550*144T*4.4*30-BT K5(Standard)  550 21.67 144T 4.4 30 K5 Pcs US$729.84 US$547.5
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD12 550*144T*4.4*30-BT T9(longevity)  550 21.67 144T 4.4 30 T9 Pcs US$856.83 US$642.7
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD13 550*144T*4.8*30-BT K5(Standard)  550 21.67 144T 4.8 30 K5 Pcs US$888.57 US$666.5
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD14 550*144T*4.8*30-BT T9(longevity)  550 21.67 144T 4.8 30 T9 Pcs US$1,015.56 US$761.7
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD15 600*120T*4.8*30-BT T9(longevity)  600 23.64 120T 4.8 30 T9 Pcs US$952.06 US$714.1
Hero Tools CPMC-PCD16 600*144T*4.8*30-BT T9(longevity  600 23.64 144T 4.8 30 T9 Pcs US$1,110.79 US$833.2

Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. CPMC was born with a vision to provide international buyers high-quality woodworking tools, air tools & hardware products with outstanding prices and services. Based in China, distributing our factories’s tools products DIRECTLY through our own network www.AirCompressorsTrade.Com, you get better offers from CPMC.

  • PCD Diamond Circular Saw Blade – woodworking
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What Sets CPMC China Tools Distribution Network Apart from others?

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CPMC service team work closely with many manufactures factories in mainland China. International buyers can expect to receive up to 5-20% cheaper prices than purchasing from third party platforms as mentioned above. Besides woodworking tools, we also provide air compressors and original parts for compressors brands like Atlas Copco, Sullair, Ingersoll Rand, etc.

Here at CPMC China, we always strive to provide satisfactory price and services. Thank you for supporting our company.

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