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Ultra-Thin Saw Blade China

With the increasing tension of timber resources and increasingly fierce market competition, cemented carbide saw blades are more and more popular in the market. Ultra-thin cemented carbide circular saw blades usually refer to cemented carbide with a saw path width of 1.0-2.2mm. Circular saw blade, the outer diameter is usually 125-305mm. In the process of processing furniture, building materials and various decorative materials, ultra-thin carbide circular saw blades are used to cut wood, which can effectively improve wood utilization and reduce energy consumption. In line with the national energy saving and emission reduction requirements, it has broad application prospects. The manufacture of ultra-thin carbide circular saw blades integrates the most advanced manufacturing technology in the saw blade production process. These technologies include the heat treatment of the saw blade substrate and the saw blade. Design of blade geometric parameters, saw blade stress treatment, matrix machining, saw tooth welding, stretch, saw tooth sharpening parameter design, and saw blade substrate surface treatment technologies.

Features of Ultra-Thin Carbide Circular Saw Blades

The saw road has small width, less cutting loss, and high yield rate. The saw road of ultra-thin carbide circular saw blades is 18%-30% narrower than conventional saw blades, which reduces cutting loss, helps improve wood utilization and saves wood Resources and protection of precious tree species can greatly improve the economic benefits of sheet processing and precious material processing industries. Reduced cutting loss is conducive to improving wood utilization, saving wood resources, protecting precious tree species, and can greatly improve the economic benefits of sheet processing and precious material processing industries.

The saw path is narrow, which can meet special processing requirements. The minimum tooth width of the ultra-thin saw blade has reached 1.0mm, which can meet the processing requirements of some very narrow saw paths, such as piano keyboards and audio processing.

The amount of sawdust is small, and the environmental pollution is small. Ordinary carbide circular saw blades, due to the large thickness of the saw body, increase the width of the saw path, resulting in a large amount of sawdust and wood dust. The use of ultra-thin carbide saw blades can effectively reduce the concentration of wood dust in the air, thereby Improve the production environment of wood processing enterprises and protect the health of workers.

Main Application Areas of Ultra-thin Carbide Circular Saw Blades

Ultra Thin Quality Saw of Blade Made in Chengdu ChinaThe main application area of ​​KWS thin saw is the surface splitting of multi-layer composite solid wood flooring. Solid wood composite flooring generally has a 2-layer, 3-layer or multi-layer structure. In this structure, the thickness of the surface board is generally 0.5-4.0 mm, and the tree species is generally hardwood. The production of the table board often adopts two methods of slicing and sawing. The wood fiber of the sawing surface board has not been damaged, the wood texture is natural and there will be no surface cracks after painting. From the perspective of consumer usage and paving appearance, general floor buyers are willing to choose sawing surface board, and this The selling price of this kind of floor is high. Therefore, the demand for sawing surface boards in most floor production plants has increased substantially. Due to the great superiority of the multi-blade saw machine in terms of technical efficiency, it has been used by many manufacturers as the main equipment for processing the table board. In order to improve the yield of wood, ultra-thin circular saw blades are used in this circular sawing machine. In addition, ultra-thin carbide circular saw blades are also widely used in the production of wooden shutters, piano keys, speakers, skis, table tennis boards, and the manufacture of precious wood furniture such as mahogany.

In short, ultra-thin cemented carbide circular saw blades have the characteristics of small sawing loss, high material yield, less sawdust, low environmental pollution and low sawing power consumption, etc., and they are getting more and more attention in wood processing. Reasonable use of ultra-thin carbide circular saw blades and promotion of energy-saving cutting can not only achieve significant economic benefits, but also have important social benefits. With the continuous advancement of China’s natural forest protection projects and the need to build a conservation-oriented society, the research and development of independent intellectual property rights on ultra-thin carbide circular saw blades has broad prospects.

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