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Thanks for visiting this webpage top 10 world solenoid valves manufactures list. Solenoid valve is a kind of electromagnetic controlled industrial equipment, which is an automatic basic element for fluid control. It belongs to the actuator, not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. It is used to adjust the direction, flow, speed and other parameters of the medium in the industrial control system. The solenoid valve can cooperate with different circuits to achieve the expected control effect and ensure the accuracy and flexibility of the control.

Which brand of solenoid valve is better? There are many solenoid valve brands on the market, so how can we choose a cost-effective brand from many brands? For this reason, Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. integrates the brand awareness, quality level, and quality of each solenoid valve. After-sales service, innovation ability, consumer reputation and other indicators are comprehensively selected, and the data of this list is released, which is convenient for you to refer to when choosing the solenoid valve brand. CPMC provides you with relevant product information such as what brand of solenoid valve is good, the top ten brands of solenoid valve, and the price of solenoid valve pictures. Due to the impact of the 2020-2021 new coronavirus epidemic around the world, there may be uncertainties such as price changes and abnormal price changes caused by page updates. For specific prices, please contact Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co. for free consultation. The following is the latest information. Let’s take a look at the specific content of the world’s top ten mainstream solenoid valve manufacturers!

 2020 World Top 10 Mainstream Solenoid Valve Manufacturers

Friendly reminder from Chengdu Pudding Mechatronic Co.: The information is collected from the Internet. The following rankings are in no particular order and are for reference only. Thank you! CPMC provides you with: solenoid valve agents, solenoid valve models and other product introductions, welcome to send e-mail consultation, We will provide you with the best service!

Top 1. United States (Honeywell)

Honeywell International (Honeywell International) is a diversified high-tech and manufacturing company with a turnover of more than 30 billion U.S. dollars. Globally, its business involves: aviation products and services, building, home and industrial control technology, automotive products, Turbocharger, and special materials. Honeywell is headquartered in Morristown, New Jersey, USA. Honeywell has 116,000 employees in more than 100 countries/regions around the world to satisfy customers and strive to become the world’s self-control pioneer in order to achieve the goal of mutually beneficial growth.

Top 2.Germany (Gemu)

GEMÜ is the world’s leading manufacturer of valves, automation components and other piping products. Since 1964, after 56 years of development, the company has been manufacturing innovative products and customized solutions. Products developed by the GEMÜ Group are used for liquid, vapor and gas components and system equipment. There are currently more than 400,000 product versions, and the combination of internally developed metal and plastic measurement and control and adjustment components is unparalleled in the world. In addition, GEMÜ also provides engineering and manufacturing services for products such as multi-port valve blocks or products for the medical industry.

Top 3.Taiwan (Airtac)

AirTAC is a world-renowned large-scale enterprise group specializing in the production of various pneumatic equipment. It is committed to providing customers with pneumatic control components, pneumatic actuators, air source processing components, pneumatic auxiliary components and other pneumatic equipment, services and services that meet their needs. Solutions to create long-term value and potential growth for customers. Airtac was founded in 1988 and now has three production bases and one marketing center. The production base of Airtac has a plant area of ​​378,000 square meters, with a total of more than 4,500 employees worldwide and more than 300 professional R&D technicians. The total investment is 150 million US dollars, and the annual production capacity is 50 million sets. The products are sold well in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. AirTAC has nearly 100 direct sales branches/sales departments in mainland China, and thousands of distributors around the world, mainly located in Europe, America and Asia. It has formed a complete sales network and after-sales service system, ready for customers Provide convenient services.

Top 4. Parker, USA

Parker’s annual sales exceed 1.3 billion US dollars. In fiscal 2012, Parker Hannifin Parker is the world’s leading manufacturer of diversified motion and control technology and systems, providing precision design for a variety of mobile, industrial and aerospace markets solution. Parker has approximately 60,000 employees in 48 countries around the world. With Parker’s engineering expertise and a unique position of extensive core technology, Parker Corporation solves some of the world’s greatest engineering challenges. Parker works with customers to improve their productivity and profitability, and seeks new ways to solve the biggest challenges facing humanity.

Top 5. United States (Humphrey)

American Humphrey is an internationally renowned supplier of pneumatic equipment, the main products are solenoid valves, cylinders, exhaust valves, and manual valves. Its sales, service and distribution networks spread all over the world. It was established more than 119 years ago. The commercialization of Humphrey’s innovative gas lamp products can be traced back to 1901. Today, Humphrey is recognized as a leading manufacturer of pneumatic products, serving global companies. They certify the technology of their standard products on the basis of extensive industry expertise, enabling them to create truly unique customized solutions for commercial and industrial applications. It has a long-standing reputation in the field of special valve control technology.

Top 6. Japan (SMC)

SMC was established in 1959. It has been 61 years since today. SMC has become a world-class R&D, manufacturer and seller of pneumatic components. It also has a huge market network in Japan to provide customers with products and after-sales service. As the world’s most famous pneumatic component manufacturing and sales multinational company, SMC has a sales network and production bases all over the world. SMC products are well-known in the world for their complete variety, high reliability, economy and durability, and can meet the needs of different users in many fields.

Top 7. United States (ASCO)

American ASCO is a member of the Emerson Group, one of the world’s top 500 companies. It is an internationally renowned manufacturer specializing in the production of fluid control valves and pneumatic control components. It has more than 100 years of production experience and has more than 30 factories in the world. Customers all over the world provide more than 23,000 fluid control products. ASCO solenoid valves are mainly used for precise control, in industrial and commercial applications to control all fluids and gaseous substances such as air, gas, water, light oil, and steam. In order to meet the needs of the market, ASCO manufactures a variety of special valves at the same time. When the market standard products cannot meet customers with special needs, these special valves can meet the individual needs of customers.

Top 8. Germany (FESTO) Festo

Germany Festo (Festo) is a world-renowned manufacturer of pneumatic and electric components, components and systems. It is the first company in the world pneumatic industry to pass ISO9001 certification. Festo’s brand quality includes many aspects, mainly in intelligent and easy-to-operate product design, products with long service life, long-lasting efficiency optimization, globalization and all-day service. Festo provides users with the best products and services.

Top 9. British Norgren

NORGREN, UK, is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic products. It provides pneumatic and fluid control solutions to customers around the world, produces and supplies a full range of pneumatic control and automation products, all holding ISO9001 quality standards. At the same time, Norgren designs and produces thousands of special products every year to meet the specific requirements of customers. Companies in 26 countries can provide customers with pneumatic control circuit design, pneumatic technology and product sales. Technical consultation, specialized application guidance, technical support at all levels, and local production and processing of conventional products.

Top 10.Germany Burkert

BURKERT, Germany, has been established for nearly 70 years. It has 5 factories in Germany and France. It is a global multinational enterprise that focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of products and systems in the field of fluid control, and is also a global leader in this field. A multinational group that has established branches in more than forty countries and regions around the world has become a global leader in the field of fluid control systems.

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